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Conversation Heart Crafts

Craftgossip has a cool list of 9 different crafts you can make with conversation hearts. I never really cared for the taste of them, so maybe I should start making stuff with them instead! 9 Conversation Hearts Crafts

Jellio Seat Hearts

From Jellio, Candy Addict’s favorite candy-themed furniture maker, come “Seat Hearts” – conversation heart-shaped seats/ottomans in a variety of colors and messages. Great for the special person in your life, or just to add some sweet fun to any room, our new Jellio Seat Hearts are the perfect way to show your romantic side. Choose […]

Candy Shopping: Valentine’s Day 2011

If you’re at a loss for what to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Just drive over to your local Target or other big-box all-purpose store or pharmacy and check out their special seasonal section, which is full of tons of great candy choices. Whether you prefer your candy romantic, sweet, silly, or […]

Candy Addict Giveaway: Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Party Pack

Contest closed Thanks for the winning comment, Amy! What a great memory! I once pantsed someone and am often reminded of it. ;) Here’s the winning comment: i love the peppermint bark, but i was really intrigued by the caramel filled squares i tried last summer. great combination. my favorite holiday tradition is getting to […]

Chocolate Bunny Debate: Ears Or Butt First?

It’s an age-old question – what part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first? I was interviewed recently on and asked that very question. My answer: ears. Which do you eat first? Chocolate Bunny Debate on Flashnews