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Candy Review: Horlicks Malties

You don’t see too many beige-colored candies. Now I know why. I was visiting my favorite retro candy store when I spotted a candy box marked with the familiar GSK logo. This was intriguing: any candy manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline – the major pharmaceutical company better known for Beano gas-prevention tablets and Breathe Right Strips – […]

Candy Review: VE2 Energy Gum

One of the treats I got from the All Candy Expo was this pack of VE2 energy gum. It’s candy with a conscience – the packaging is very minimalist and it says, “To save trees & make less trash this package avoids using a paper sleeve wrap.” I love the idea that a medium which […]

Candy Review: Maxxed Energy Pop

The whole energy food and drink phenomenon is a total anomaly to me. On the one hand we’ve got jillions of kids out there being diagnosed with ADHD, and we do everything we can to calm them down. Then once all these hyperactive kids grow up, we dose them up with No-Doze, cans of Red […]

Candy Review: Clif Shot Bloks

My friends often wonder how I can consume so many sweets and not weigh a million pounds. Well, I run. But here’s something they might not know – I eat candy when I run! Back when I trained with some ultrarunners, I learned to eat while running. Typical endurance foods such as PowerBars just didn’t […]

Loud Truck Gummies Giveaway

We recently reviewed Loud Truck Gummies and found them to be quite tasty and full of vitamins and energy. As a special treat for our Candy Addict readers, Loud Truck has given us some great Loud Truck items to give away. We have some Loud Truck Gummies, a green Loud Truck ballcap, and a green […]