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Candy Review: Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints, Chocolate Rocks, and Coffee Rocks

Candy Review: Javaz and GoGoBeans

I am fussy about what flavors get mixed with my chocolate. Chocolate is pretty much perfect just the way it is. But coffee and chocolate are one of the perfect flavor combinations. And I was intrigued by the GoGo Beans concept. I don’t drink coffee regularly, but when I need it, I need it – […]

Candy Review: Loud Truck Red Blast Energy Gummies

Image from Anthemic Tangle When I learned that I was going to review Loud Truck’s Red Blast Energy Gummies, I was totally jazzed. Since I read Jamie’s review of the Citrus Blast flavor I’ve been itching to try the Red Blast, as I usually prefer berry to citrus. The concept of this candy is a […]

Candy Review: Buzz Bites Mint Chocolate Energy Chews

After my not-so-good experience with Kickbrix energy chews, I was sent a sample of Buzz Bite Mint Chocolate Energy Chews. Since I love everything chocolate, I was excited to try these because they contained not only chocolate, but also mint. Combine that with some good old caffeine, and I was ready to go. I decided […]

Candy Review: Haitai Power of Concentration Chocolate

Let’s be clear; I don’t speak Korean, so I’m utterly ignorant of all the great information on this label, and on a website listed on the can: Naver. In fact, I’m not even sure that Haitai is the name of the manufacturer, but it was the only thing in English I could find that looked […]