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Candy Recipe: Lots-a-Luv Cookies

Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. And people always say the best gifts are ones given from the heart, but nothing says “I love you” better than something from the heart for the stomach. So in honor of all those lovey-dovey cherubs hovering by, here is my February candy recipe of the month. I […]

Candy Recipe: The Kitchen Sink Bar

I am a sucker for sales. Candy, clothes, puppies (well, I’ve never really seen a puppy sale, but you can bet if there were such a thing, I would be driving home with a car full of them) – you name it, I’ll buy it. On a recent grocery trip to my local H.E.B., I […]

2008 Recipe Roundup

Making candy at home is a wonderful holiday activity that can become a tradition for any person, family, or group of friends. While we’ve discovered many Awesomely Addictive candies, candy you make yourself can often be tastier and more satisfying than anything you can buy in the store. You probably can’t remember the first […]

Candy Recipe: Peanut Butter Hard Candy

So I haven’t been an official Candy Addict for long, but you may have noticed that I like to make candy as well as eat it. And if you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ve undoubtedly read about my grand affinity for peanut butter candies. I am delighted to be able to introduce each […]

Candy Recipe: Easy Peasy Fudge

Certainly there is nothing more fattening satisfying that a piece of rich, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth fudge. Our family has vacationed in the Great Smoky Mountains area several times, and one thing we never fail to do while there is purchase some of the gourmet handmade fudge from one (or more) of the candy shops. I associate […]