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Teenormous – a t-shirt search engine

I started Candy Addict almost three years ago, but candy isn’t all I am into (snacks are another). I also love t-shirts, as you can tell by the number of times we have written about t-shirts. Because of this, I have been busy lately working on a brand new site called Teenormous. It’s essentially a […]

Sweet and Stylish Candy Jewelry

Looking to sweeten up your summer wardrobe? Why not add a little sugar with some candy-inspired jewelry! I’ve scoured the internet for fun, colorful and playful items that, when worn, may cause you to chase after ice cream trucks, build a tree fort, or play in a sprinkler. Yes, they are that inspiring and adorable. […]

S’more 101 T-shirt

(image from I’m not really a big fan of numbers. Or science. Or instruction manuals, for that matter. So I don’t really know if all the specs work out. But I do enjoy t-shirts. And I love s’mores. And since my affinity for the latter outweighs my disdain for the former at a ratio […]

Skittles Prom Dress

(photo from Theperilouspopsicle) Making your own prom dress can go one of two ways: you can end up with a Pepto-Bismol trapezoid with sleeves and a lace doily collar, ala Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, or you might end up with a rainbow-inspired prom dress like the one designed by Theperilouspopsicle, a poster on […]

Candy Clothing: The Ultimate Footwear for a Candy Addict

One of the first things I do upon meeting someone new is to check out their shoes. Although this probably makes me shallow and superficial, you really can learn a lot of helpful shallow and superficial information about someone by glancing at their footwear. Obviously, I go through life assuming that people will likewise judge […]