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Top 10 movie theater candy

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Summer is upon us, and that probably means you’ll be spending a lot of time at the movie theater. Forget about the popcorn (Here’s an insider secret from someone who used to work at a movie theater: it’s usually stale because a lot of places store uneaten popcorn in trash bags for the next day); you’ll enjoy your movie a lot more with a candy treat – and you won’t have to worry about getting butter everywhere.

Movie theater candy

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Here’s a list of the best movie theater candy that will be worth your $12 (that’s about what they’re charging these days, right?):

10. Sno-Caps: Not many candies think to incorporate sprinkles, which is pretty genius as they add a satisfying crunch to these tiny chocolate morsels.

9. Milk Duds: Aside from peanut butter, caramel is the second best addition to chocolate (personal opinion). A fair warning, though: If you have dentures, you might wan to steer clear of these babies.

8. Mike and Ike: These fruity candies would be higher — but they’re lacking a little something…sour (see number 1).

7. Skittles: Who doesn’t like Skittles? Don’t answer that; I don’t think I want to know.

6. Twizzlers: Or Red Vines, depending on your theater. But only the classic strawberry twists will suffice. No other flavor matters.

5. Goobers: The only thing better than peanuts? Well, aside from peanut butter? Peanuts dipped in milk chocolate.

4. Junior Mints: They’re dark chocolate pieces with a peppermint filling; they taste sweet while freshening your breath. And I normally don’t like mint-flavored foods.

3. Raisinets: Normally, you wouldn’t associate raisins, a fairly healthy snack, with a night at the movies. But chocolate-covered raisins? That’s quite a clever way to make sure we eat our fruits, Nestle. Well played.

2. Buncha Crunch: The deliciousness of a Nestle Crunch bar in bite-size form. Also, if you splurged on candy and popcorn (big spender, you), a couple of Buncha Crunch bits make a great addition to a handful of popcorn.

1. Sour Patch Kids: Does this need an explanation? OK, fine. The commercials say it best: “First they’re sour. Then they’re sweet.”

So what do you think – what’s your favorite movie candy? Did we miss any?

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6 Responses to “Top 10 movie theater candy”

  1. 1
    Candy Lovin' Liz says:

    Great choices. I would move Goobers to # 1, since they are my favorite movie snack. They also go well with salty, buttery popcorn.

  2. 2
    Kat D. R. says:

    The first time I had Sour Patch Kids was the first time I went to the movies without my parents. My older sister took me, and she got us some Sour Patch Kids. I now always associate them with movie theaters.

  3. 3
    Rob says:

    Grew up scarfing down Milk Duds and Raisnettes at the movies, so I think I would rate them near the top. Ju ju Beads cannot hold a candle to Sour Patch Kids, but I have fond memories of them, so I would throw them on the list. The advantage of Milk Duds and Ju Ju Beads is that, if the movie was abysmal tripe, you could throw them at the screen! Not condoning. Just an observation…

  4. 4
    megan says:

    I usually browse the dollar store before I go to a movie and grab some trail mix, chocolate covered peanuts or the movie theatre size boxes of candy

  5. 5
    Paul Williams says:

    Nothing like going out to the movies and getting a tasty treat. For me junior mints are my weakness.

  6. 6
    Visionudx says:

    consists of the book itself

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