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Jellio’s Wonderful World of Candy-Inspired Home Decor

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Jellio Sweet Death Candy ArtStrolling down Wooster Street in search of the Jellio Pop-Up Shop, I was suddenly captivated by a large, inviting sugar skull portrait made entirely of candy. A closer look revealed a unique piece of art whose myriad of colors and diverse candies came together to form something that was truly breathtaking. It was certainly enough to pique my interest and get me excited about the candy-inspired furniture inside.

A kind doorman welcomed me to the pop-up’s opening reception with a pack of Haribo Gold-Bears, and then I stepped into a vibrant, colorfully decorated room that would excite any Candy Addict®.

Again, I walked right into another piece of candy art—a rose portrait that appeared to be made of a variety of candies bordered by different milk and dark chocolates. There were also large, bright portraits made of gummy bears. Turns out, the candies are actually hand-cast in homemade molds by artist/sculptor/innovator Kevin Champeny. With a background in sculpting and prototypes, Kevin works with Jellio to design a range of pieces that include GummiLights and the Candelier, made from hand-strung acrylic gummi bears. Speaking with Kevin, I could see his deep level of passion for what he does for Jellio. He even shared with me his portfolio—that reaches far beyond candy creations.

Jellio Peeps Art Candy art aside, Jellio showcases a range of home decor products that will brighten up any room. Jellio is the brainchild of Mario Marsicano. An avid toy collector with a background in advertising, Mario got his start by simply creating storage spaces for his toys. He began storing them in clear cubes that could be used as tables, and his friends started asking him how they could get their hands on one. And he’s come a long way since toy storage.

Jellio’s signature item is the GummiLight. The battery-powered lights come in a variety of colors and are made of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if they get knocked over. The GummiLight has recently been redesigned to be brighter, more lightweight and offered at a lower price point than its predecessor.

Another gummy-inspired piece is the GummiToy. Similar to a rubber duck, the bear-shaped toys are sold in packs of five, and are a must-have for any gummy-lover. Gummy-lovers will also appreciate the GummiKing, a 4-foot-tall bear that can bring happiness to any room.

Jellio Cupcake Seat

If you prefer furniture inspired by ice cream and cupcakes, Jellio has that, too. Made from a polyurethane shell, topped with a molded rubber cushion, the Cupcake Seat is the perfect seat, ottoman and conversation piece. If you’re more partial to ice cream, Jellio also offers Ice Cream Cone Barstools.

The pop-up shop also spotlights GummiWear, a new line of apparel that includes t-shirts, hats and hoodies.

Jellio GummiWear Clothes
Whether you’re looking to add some spunk to a kid’s room or just bring out the kid in you, Jellio products are worth checking out. Anyone in the New York City area can check out the pop-up shop at 14 Wooster Street on Friday, May 18, 20012 until 5 pm and Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 10 am to 5 pm.

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    dee says:

    I really enjoyed the article and am anxious to visit the pop up shop!

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    lb says:

    omg the cupcake seat is too cute!

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