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Candy Review: Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar

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Nunu Chocolates Bacon Toffee BarFans of highly processed dime-a-dozen sweets, perhaps this particular indulgence isn’t up your alley. With just 8 ingredients (the majority of which most kindergarteners are familiar with), Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar seems like far less of a devilish indulgence than what you might find at the checkout line of your local grocery store. Of course, I’m not about to suggest that anything incorporating bacon deserves a nutritional halo, and since the version used in this recipe is apparently not certified organic, it’s likely factory farmed which brings up an additional slew of red flags…but Candy Addict® is all about edible escapism, so let’s regroup, shall we?

If we focus exclusively on all of bacon’s nitrates and nitrites, the cured darling of the foodie circuit surely wrecks havoc on one’s innards…but some risks are worth taking on occasion solely for the happiness factor alone. If you are committed to treating your taste buds to something a bit special that is clearly off the beaten path, this is certainly one way to do it.

The bacon trend has admittedly jumped the shark 100 times over – bacon toothpaste and bacon-infused vodka, oh pul-eeeze! – but there are select, venerable companies that have managed to incorporate the perennial breakfast table favorite into their confections with particular success, as has been the case with Vosges Haute-Chocolate’s Mo’s Bacon Bar and Lollyphile’s Maple Bacon Lollipops.

Well, Brooklyn, New York-based Nunu Chocolate also deserves a rousing round of jubilant snorts for their take on this goofy yet enduring pop culture obsession in light of the glossy sophistication of their Bacon Toffee Bar. No, really…they’ve created an utterly refined Audrey Hepburn-like delight that secretly smacks of all of the guilty pop culture pleasure that only Fonzie and his infamous thumbs-up ‘Ayyyy!’ gesture could illicit. This bar is perfectly designed to hoard late at night when no one is looking, and you’ll secretly feel like a royalty while doing it.

Now, close your eyes and envision an ample slab of amber-tinted bacon toffee liberally dipped in a nice thick coating of sustainably produced dark chocolate – this is anything but a Skor bar experience. Upon carefully hacking a mouth-sized chunk off with a knife, allow the morsel to melt as slowly as possible (rather than caving into Tootsie Roll Pop chomping syndrome) and you’ll be privy to two toothsome sensations in one shot.

The initial mouth feel will be what you might expect of a firm artisan-style toffee, promptly giving way to a caramel-like, not too sweet-not too savory chewing experience studded with chewy piggy nuggets that happily linger in the molars for at least a few minutes before you move onto the next bite. With each additional piece you indulge in, you’ll become increasingly hot and bothered until you realize that you’ve polished off the entire bar, forcing you to lick the inside of the wrapper just in case any residual niblets remain.

As sweet treats go, this is one costly affair – a single portion retails for $7.00! – but some of the very best handcrafted edibles in life are well-worth selling one’s dusty old books for. With each bite of Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar, it becomes apparent that they aren’t messing around. They take their confectionery art incredibly seriously and are obviously committed to selling not only a superior product but a transcendent culinary journey. Consequently, it is with understandable pomp and circumstance that this sublime Bacon Toffee Bar has officially entered the annals of sugar rush history courtesy of our highly coveted Awesomely Addictive Candy Award.

Awesomely Addictive

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar”

  1. 1
    Cooking Diva says:

    Aww… your posts are always making my mouth water so much.

    I have to stop reading your blog to keep my sugar levels under control :)

  2. 2
    Candy Lovin' Liz says:

    Agreed cooking diva!I must find this candy!!

  3. 3
    Nancy says:

    What a great Father’s Day gift this will be for my husband and dear old Dad. I think that Man VS Food guy Adam would go HOG wild for this!!! Thanks for the finger lickin’ good read :P

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