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The Ultimate Candy Search Engine

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candy search engine

Today, February 1, 2011 marks a big day for Candy Addict. We can now reveal to you something we have been working on for a bit – our new candy search engine. We loaded up the contents of 14 different online candy stores (soon to be more) and made their stores all searchable in one place. We currently have 18,512 items in there but that will be growing all the time as we add more stores and candy. The database will be kept up to date so that if you find it in a search, it should be available to buy.

Some other cool features:

Go check it out and run some searches! It’s fun to see what you can find. Some of my favorites:

Oh – you can also filter your searches by price and candy store too!

We plan on doing some integration of the blog with the search engine in the coming months, but in no way will the blog disappear (in fact, we plan on making it bigger and better). So stay tuned! The search engine isn’t quite perfect yet and we have a few tweaks left to do, but we wanted to go ahead and get it out there so you could start using it and playing with it.

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2 Responses to “The Ultimate Candy Search Engine”

  1. 1
    Candy Man says:

    What a great idea. And with the addition of other sites things could only get better. I had some difficultly comparing prices. A compare prices would nice,or did I miss this feature.

  2. 2
    cybele says:

    Great concept & very slick implementation. Good job, I know a lot of folks will find it very helpful.

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