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Candy Review: Simply Lite Milk, Dark, and Dark Chocolate with Almonds

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Simply Lite Chocolate

It’s been many years since I last tried sugar-free chocolate, for good reason… it was disgusting. I would rather have had no chocolate than gross chocolate. I guess one of the many things that have improved with time and technology is sugar-free chocolate. Simply Lite’s Milk and Dark Chocolate bars are all the evidence I need to know science is awesome.

Now, sugar-free does conjure up some negative feelings to some folks, myself included. I’m not going to get into a philosophical debate about sugar vs. sugar-free, but I have been privy to concerns being raised about sugar substitutes. So many concerns that my little mind – tuned in by all the marketers trying to sell us the next best thing – was a little curious about the ingredients. I read the nutritional packing with some scrutiny and red lights started a-flashin’ when I read the warning “excess consumption may cause a laxative effect”. But, like all things, excess can cause long-lasting effects, no? Moderation, they say wisely. So I threw a little caution – along with a wrapper or two – to the wind because I did, of course, need to eat some of three different bars to tell my little tale of Simply Lite chocolates.

Healthy buzzwords like “no sugar added”, “no trans fat”, and “low carb” aside – how were these things going to taste? As it happens, pretty darn good. The milk chocolate was my least favorite. It didn’t really have enough chocolate taste – only 36% cacao – to really throw the chocolate craving lever into the off position. It reminded me of hot cocoa… not necessarily something I would savor, but something that would be warm and cozy and do the trick. It’s no cocoa you’d give a date sitting in front of the fire, but would be perfectly good when you’re by yourself and curled up with a good book.

Cacao Beans

What stroked the taste buds pleasantly was the dark chocolate. Math is no friend of mine and I generally avoid things pertaining to percentages, but 50% is fantastic. No, I’m not one for mediocrity, and where I’d never have settled for that as a test score, I’d take chocolate with 50% cacao anytime! The dark chocolate was really pretty special. I was really surprised it was sugar-free and definitely didn’t taste devoid of anything. In fact, the taste is robust with notes of cinnamon and even honey. There is cinnamon in the dark chocolate but it also tasted like honey at the same time. Unique and agreeable.

What was a bit less agreeable was the dark chocolate with almonds. Typically, I would choose chocolate WITH almonds over chocolate WITHOUT almonds in every scenario… but, not so with this bar. The cacao dropped down to 45% (look at me, now I’m a cacao snob!) and was a little chintzy on the almonds. If you’re going to take my chocolate, then you better give me a decent portion of nuts for my troubles! While not bad by any means, this bar is trumped by the bar without almonds.

Having eaten several squares of each variety on several different occasions, I can happily say I suffered no ill effects from the stuff that makes today’s sugar-free chocolate a billion times better than the years gone by. I would definitely recommend Simply Lite Chocolate bars to anyone that can’t do sugar, that wants to make healthier choices, or thinks sugar-free must mean delicious free!

I give them a solid, ahem, 5 Bonbons! Four BonBons

Candy Addict received this product as a sample from the manufacturer. No payment was received for this review and all opinions represent an unbiased view of the product.

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