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Candy Review: Le Caramel

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Le Caramel logo

I should be ashamed of how quickly my household polished off Le Caramel’s caramel topping, caramel syrup, and caramel candies. But, it’s too good to feel bad about it. Granted, I think we finished a 14 oz jar of caramel topping in about one week, but hey, I took one for the team- to help you make good candy decisions. I know, I know… I do what I can.

I’m no gourmet caramel connoisseur, but, this was much better than your run-of-the-mill caramel. It was thick, creamy, and decadent. All of Le Caramel’s products are fantastic. I tried to put the salted butter caramel topping on anything I could find. I put it in my coffee, on ice cream, and on apple pie with ice cream. All were excellent ideas. I didn’t have any ice cream on hand (a crime in and of itself) so I bought some specifically for this caramel. I didn’t cheap out because I felt this caramel deserved the best vanilla bean, name-brand stuff. Crazy delicious!

Le Caramel logo

The caramel syrup delivered, too. It found a nice home in my morning lattes and I was left with an empty bottle rather quickly. The individually-wrapped caramels are buttery, with just the right amount of salt. They melt in your mouth and would have made a NC State Fair caramel apple “Granny-Smith-apple-green” with envy.

I wondered what could make this caramel so much better than the other caramels I’ve tasted, so I investigated a bit. I don’t usually pay too much attention to what a company has to say about their own products, because, let’s face it, there’s a wee bit of understandable and expected bias inherent in self-promotion. But, this was different because I was really curious. According to Le Caramel, it handcrafts the caramel using a traditional Normandy recipe that was handed down to them by the best caramel makers. The careful preparation results in a remarkably accurate tag-line of “Le Caramel : It’s the way caramel should taste.” Mystery solved, I guess! (No, I kid. There’s actually a bit of information about their process on Le Caramel’s website, if you’re an interested foodie.) Whatever you do, do yourself a favor and get some of this caramel. You won’t be disappointed!

Candy Addict received this product as a sample from the manufacturer. No payment was received for this review and all opinions represent an unbiased view of the product.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Le Caramel”

  1. 1
    Pam says: I just have to order some!

  2. 2
    Kati says:

    The BEST chocolate cream ever. Divine on Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

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