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Do you sort your Skittles, too?

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Skittles Statistics

(photo from bortwein)

We all know there’s no right way to eat a Reese’s cup, but is this a universal truth with all candy? Apparently, the adage applies to Skittles, too. When he’s not designing super cool t-shirts, graphic designer Brandon Bortwein compiles Skittle statistics from every 2oz bag of Skittles he’s eaten in the past year.

This makes me wonder how many other people out there sort their skittles by color. I don’t sort, per se, but I definitely do play “favorites” with my Skittles. I eat the ones I least like first and save the best for last: strawberry. Do you sort your Skittles?

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8 Responses to “Do you sort your Skittles, too?”

  1. 1
    Robert B. says:

    I sort all my candy, darn it… but not always the whole bag. Just enough to make sure I get to try one of each candy by itself… then sometimes combinations.

  2. 2
    robyn says:

    If I have room, I do sort them as such. However, if I don’t (which I usually don’t) I take turns eating two at a time (first grape, strawberry, lemon, orange and lime -my fave). When there are enough to tell what’s last, I eat the highest quantity until its even with #2. Then I alternate eating each of them until they are with #3… carry on. Finally, with the last 5, I eat in preference least fave to favorite. (same as above)

  3. 3
    Angel* says:

    When I was in the fifth grade, my horrible teacher made all of us sort our Halloween candy! (Halloween was on a school day that year)… It was terrible. We all got a huge piece of poster board, and had to sort and graph every single piece of candy that we got! And it was graded!! I was mortified!! Halloween is, and has always been my favorite holiday, and I would not let my evil 5th grade teacher ruin it! I always use to sort my Halloween candy into groups after I came back from trick-or-treating, but that was just for fun, just to see what I got! I say, for-go sorting, and just cram it in your mouth! Candy is too good to sort and analyze!!

  4. 4
    Bonnie says:

    That’s a terrible thing to experience. I’m very sorry that happened to you. What a way to take all the fun out of Halloween, teacher. Not everything needs to be a “teachable moment” :) Sometimes cramming is the right answer.

  5. 5
    tracylee says:

    My co-workers and I spent months sorting and graphing M&Ms and I graphed them and posted it on my cube. My boss came by and asked if I’d spent my work time on it, and I said, “no, I got it from a friend” – the friend worked across the aisle. Yeah, we were all programmers. Oh, and I made the graph data points look like M&Ms.

  6. 6
    Pam Walter says:

    Not only Skittles, but M&M also. I used to teach the fundamental concept underlying a frequency distribution and simple summary data by giving each student a small bag to count and report on.

  7. 7
    Lady Di says:

    If the candy has favorite colors/flavors… like the original Conversation Hearts… I sort them and eat favs first.

    And speaking of Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts, NECCO has changed them to actual flavors much to my dismay. I wrote them and was explained in depth why they ruined what used to be the only candy I ate prior to and way after it’s holiday for it. I’m gutted.

    ps – I want a purple with yellow text Candy act tee? Are there any available for purchase still?? Thanks!

  8. 8
    GinsuVictim says:

    I sort my Skittles by flavor from least favorite to favorite.
    Usually start with grape, super yummy lime last, with the ones in the middle being equally awesome.

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