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Candy Review: Melon Mango Tic Tacs

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Melon Mango Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs have never been my favorite mint – they’re just too wimpy for my tastes. I’ve always preferred mints that are strong enough to make my tongue sting. I like the mellow vanilla outside of the white mint ones, but to me it doesn’t really go with the minty center, and the orange-flavored ones were just another fruit and mint combo for me to dislike.

I haven’t had a Tic Tac in years, but it seems like they’ve really expanded their flavor lineup – including this brand-new flavor combination, Melon Mango (two flavors in one!). Armed with a hefty Big Pack courtesy of the All Candy Expo, I endeavored to see if my opinion of them would be improved by these new flavors.

MelonMelon-mint is a new one to me, so I was intrigued to find out if this combo would prove tastier than most fruit and mint blends.

If I may go off on a tangent here, there are two main artificial flavors used for watermelon-flavored candies – what I’ve somehow come to think of as the “green” one (watermelon Hubba Bubba, green Everlasting Gobstopper) and the “pink” one (watermelon Jolly Ranchers), since the candies that use them usually (but not always) come in those respective colors. The “green” flavor doesn’t actually resemble real watermelon that much, but it’s a nice fresh crisp, almost cooling flavor that doesn’t stray into either the “too sweet” or “too tart” camps. The “pink” flavor tastes more like watermelon – but without the real thing’s crisp, cold juiciness, it kind of tastes like a warm and slightly overripe slice of watermelon that’s been sitting on the counter all day. (Guess which of the two I prefer.)

The melon Tic Tacs seem like a balance between the two, with a faintly cooling sourness that somewhat balances out the overripe notes of the “pink” flavor. To my surprise, they were actually way more sour than minty, with just a cooling hint at the center. (If these and the Sour Patch Chillerz are anything to go by, there’s some kind of trend towards more restrained fruit and mint combinations going on – and I think I like it.) Overall, though, I wish they’d gone more towards the “green” flavor to match their green color.

Mango – In contrast with melon, mango’s not really one of my favorite candy flavors. I like a nice fresh mango as much as anyone, but it’s a notoriously difficult flavor to reproduce in candy form – the balance of fruity, perfumey and piney seems to be a particularly difficult one to replicate.

When sucked, these Tic Tacs start sweet, then go into a piney mango flavor – then get bitter, almost soapy. When chewed up at once, the sourness and faint mintiness of the center helps to balance out those soapy notes some, but not enough to make them really pleasant to eat. They do have a nice mango-y aftertaste, though.

Both at once – Since the two flavors came in the same pack, it seemed only natural to taste them both together and see if it improved them any. Actually, it did – the sweeter melon and more sour mango really helped to balance each other out.

I never considered myself a Tic Tac person, and well, I still don’t. I’m pretty ambivalent about these – writing about the different types of artificial flavors was more interesting than writing about the candy itself. If you like Tic Tacs, these may be your thing – but they’re definitely not mine.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Melon Mango Tic Tacs”

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    Cadence says:

    Glad for your review, Laurie, because if I’d tried these I bet I’d have been really bummed out!

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