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Candy Review: Trolli Tropic-Os

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Trolli Tropic-O

I’ve been jonesing for something gummi for a while now. But I found myself unwilling to satisfy my cravings with something I had already consumed. I wanted something familiar, but new.

Such a specific guideline for candy purchase can be difficult, but it didn’t take me long to spot a promising candidate in the candy aisle of my local H.E.B: Trolli Tropic-Os. I am familiar with all the various flavors of these ring-shaped candies, i.e., peach, apple, watermelon, etc… but I hadn’t ever tried this tropical variety.

The bag didn’t reveal which flavor the rings were, but there was an image of a toucan perching on some pineapple, strawberries, coconut, and bananas, so I assumed that the flavors in the bag were going to be matches for those fruits.

Each ring is comprised of two colors similar to the other versions – think how the peach-flavored candy has red and orange breaks across the top. Based upon the different colors, there were three different flavor varieties in the bag.

I was confused by this fact since there were four fruit pictured on the bag. I wondered whether each was comprised of two flavors or perhaps one of the three rings had multiple flavors and the other two were singular flavors.

Green-Yellow: My first inclination is that this is the pineapple one, but I cannot determine if there is anything else mixed in it. It’s not that the pineapple flavor is too bold, but if there is something else mixed in, it is too subtle. There’s a hint of coconut and lime, but that might just have rubbed off from other pieces in the bag.

White-Dark Yellow with Orange Base: Coconut was the most prominent flavor in this one. Again, like the pineapple, I could barely taste the coconut, so any other flavor that might have been buried in there was lost. This piece also happened to be the stickiest and clung to the others.

Red-Orange: It looks like a Peachie-O, but it’s definitely strawberry-banana. Neither of the flavors are pronounced, and I think I only noticed them because this flavor combination has such a distinct taste that even the slightest offer of it makes it difficult to miss.

The flavors in the bag were O.K., but each piece suffered from blandness: None of the flavors were strong enough to readily identify and enjoy. Unlike the peach variety, which has a strong flavor, these also lack a sour coating that provides that extra bit of zest.

Texturally, they were all very soft and the bag’s strong tropical fragrance, which belied any idea of actual flavor, indicated freshness. I also found it nice how these weren’t sticky.

In the end, you’re better off with any of the other Trolli-O flavors. Tropical is a great idea, but they missed the boat on this one. I am all for being a minimalist when it comes to flavor, and I have lambasted candies that go overboard in prior reviews, but these are just way too mild.

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One Response to “Candy Review: Trolli Tropic-Os”

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    cybele says:

    How disappointing. I saw the picture and thought, cool! Banana and Pineapple gummi rings. (If you’re really into sour pineapple, try Katjes Sour Ananas – fab pineapple flavor.)

    Oh, and if you’re at ACE, try Albanese gummis, they have a fun banana one.

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