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Candy Review: Frankford Candy’s Marshmallow Hearts

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Frankford Candy

While browsing the dwindling remnants of my H.E.B.s Valentine’s Day candy section, Frankford Candy’s Marshmallow Hearts caught my attention. Marshmallows are actually one of the better candies to buy in post-holiday sales because they preserve better than other types of candy.

Factoring in the sale, the whole bag cost me a mere forty-nine cents, practically a penny per piece. I probably wouldn’t normally buy marshmallows, excluding Peeps, for any more than that price.

These are about an inch at the longest point, and shaped like “hearts.” I put that word in quotations because some look like hearts; others in the beg seemed to have gone through cardiac arrhythmia in the gelling process.

The outer ring of these marshmallows is pink, containing a smaller, white heart within them. Though pink is suggestive of strawberry or some other fruit flavor, it indeed is only dyed. The bag states these are vanilla-flavored, and after tasting them, I detected only the smallish hints of vanilla, so strawberry wasn’t even close.

Compared to regular marshmallows, these are a bit more elastic, with a slight powder residue on the surface. They are still quite easy to chew and leave a light feeling in your mouth.

If I closed my eyes and ate these, I wouldn’t know the difference between one of these and one of the Jet Puffed marshmallows. So for fans of marshmallows, I think that’s a good thing.

Aside from the novelty of these being heart-shaped and multicolored, there isn’t really anything more to these marshmallows than your average bag. That said, they’re pretty decent, and well worth the two quarters you’ll spend on them.

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