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Easter Candy Giveaway: Pastel M&M’s!

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Easter Yellow M&M

Easter is just around the corner, and while Candy Addict is still experiencing growing pains, we’re still here to celebrate the season and offer you great giveaways! Our 3 Musketeers Giveaway is still swinging, and now we’ve got a fabulous M&M’s giveaway to add to the fun!

This time around, we’re asking readers to leave a comment with their favorite Easter candy memory. We’ll pick our two favorite memories and one random entry to win two bags of Easter pastel M&M’s! As always, there are a few rules: Only one entry per email address. You must be over the age of 18 and live in the Lower 48 (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). If we don’t receive a response to your emailed winning notification within two days we will pick another winner. Contest is open from Friday, March 20 until midnight April 5, 2009.

Don’t forget to check out M&M’s Hunt for Yellow Easter Contest. You could win $25,000!

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44 Responses to “Easter Candy Giveaway: Pastel M&M’s!”

  1. 1
    Michael C says:

    My favorite memory was finding a stock of Easter candy 6 months after the fact, including multiple Reeses Eggs.

  2. 2
    Dan Neitzel says:

    I remember one Easter coming down to find our entire dining table covered in candy!!! I spent the day watching movies (it was rainy) and eating candy.

  3. 3
    Jessica says:

    My favorite memory was last year giving my 13 month old son his first taste of sugar. We gave him a white chocolate Lindt bunny. He did not speak much back then, but he knew sign language. He continuously did the sign for “more” all day.

  4. 4
    Bonney says:

    I know there will be lots of memories involving kids but my favorite memory is when my son was in college and brought home a Swedish friend who had never experienced Easter. He was delighted with his basket of goodies but was thrilled with the Peeps. Later in the afternoon my then 4 yr. old daughter wanted to know who ate all HER Peeps. Peter had eaten every Peep he could find!!

  5. 5
    Chelsea says:

    My favorite memory would have to be licking the sugary-sweet creme put of a Cadbary Creme Egg…YUMmmmm

  6. 6
    Justin says:

    I remember finding an egg with $3.00 in it back in the 80s. It was a great find as everyone else was jealous… $3 was a lot of money to a 7 year old back then. I bought a GI Joe with it!

  7. 7
    Ellen says:

    My favorite Easter candy memory was when I went to England and discovered gigantic hollow chocolate eggs filled with great British candies. Of course, I can find them in the US now, but they still get me all wide-eyed. Also, letting my Peeps go stale. Mm, stale Peeps.

  8. 8
    Charlie says:

    I remember putting Peeps in the microwave and watching them puff up to mutant-sized Peeps!

  9. 9
    Ryan says:

    Melting down my chocolate bunny in the microwave and pouring him out over my vanilla ice cream.

  10. 10
    devry reviews says:

    I remember that easter that my mom have brought me a basket of candies all in an egg-like shape.I spent all day eating thos sweets while playing egg hunting on our yard with my some friends.

  11. 11
    Delia says:

    OMG, I LOVE Easter M&Ms! A few years ago I lived just around the corner from a Safeway, and it had a lot of leftover Easter M&Ms after Easter, so I was able to buy clearance Easter M&Ms well into May. Yum! Plus, they are VERY cute.

  12. 12
    grace says:

    i fondly recall the time my brothers and i blew up a tray of peeps in the microwave. :)

  13. 13
    Aaron says:

    One Easter when I was about eight years old, I took all of the toys out of my basket along with the chocolates and jelly beans I had gotten. I spent the afternoon playing with my toys, and later, when throwing the grass away, I found a STASH of more candy that had fallen to the bottom!

  14. 14
    Renata says:

    My fave Easter candy memory would have to be that every year my mom’s best friend would bring GIANT Easter baskets filled with every type of Easter candy imaginable for my brother and I. The best part was that the bottom of the baskets, instead of being filled with the typical Easter grass, were filled with jelly beans.

  15. 15
    Jill says:

    My favourite Easter memory was when I was about six or seven years old and living in Puerto Rico. I was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to visit that I went to bed early so that time would go by. I awoke early in the morning, well before my parents had and took a peep at the Easter baskets and all the sweet treats inside. I then quickly climbed back in bed to wait for the sun to come up. Once again I went to check the baskets, yet this time there were lots of Chocolate that wasn’t there earlier. I can see my parents now trying to explain that the Easter bunny had to come back to visit as he had run out of Chocolate on the first trip. I believed them (not thinking that if the Easter Bunny had left Chcoclate it would have melted during the night) Oh the beauty of a child’s mind!!

  16. 16
    Lauren says:

    My favorite Easter Candy memory was just last year. No I did not get to celebrate Easter or any other holiday as a kid, I was a Jehovah’s Witness. So as I turned 18 I stopped going along with my mom and later my dad and brother but it was me and my mom celebrating holidays. So we would celebrate Easter with my Aunt and my two cousins. We previously would have Easter egg hunts and that was always fun but last year I changed it up. Instead of finding little plastic eggs with a bit of candy in it I made a jackpot of candy that after a Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt they would find. They loved it and watching the look on their faces finding their jackpot of candy was priceless. I too enjoyed the fun by buying my favorite a big White Chocolate Bunny and some Purple Peeps. We think we are going to continue the tradition this year and those to come.

  17. 17
    Connie says:

    Easter is one of my favorite Spring holidays. The weather is always great, the mood is so festive, and it comes around just in time for my birthday. I remember as a kid, we would do our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Me with my pastel pink baskets of course, and the guys with blue ones. And don’t forget the fake grass. lol. Plastic eggshells filled with assorted candies and prizes…it was great. And then the Easter Bunny. So this guy was dressed in this huge bunny costume and all of us were like jumping around and pulling his ears and squeezing his tail. It was so funny, and eventually he tried hopping away. But nahh, he just fell down in the grass haha
    Anyway, the scavenger hunt was a ton of fun. Apparently, we were “supposed” to be good tree climbers since the eggs were perched up on the Magnolia tree branches :P

    Sometimes we would make an occasional cake if our parents were feeling nice. (Apple and brown sugar) Mmmmm. :D Well, that was my Easter memory!

  18. 18
    amy says:

    i love that my mother-in-law still sends us easter baskets every year! beautiful baskets filled with easter grass and plastic eggs with m&ms and jelly beans and hershey’s kisses and all that great candy in there. i can’t believe how much trouble she goes to for us every year! and she does it for her 3 grandchildren too. i always squeal with delight when the box arrives and i pull out the fun easter baskets. how special!

  19. 19
    Chris says:

    My mother used to by these hollow chocolate eggs for me and my sister with toys inside them from a place in Boston that I think is now gone.

    She would hide them really well and they always took about an hour to find. The best part was how huge they were. The eggs of those mythical birds that lift shift ships out of the ocean (griffins?) would have nothing on these things. Almost too beautiful to eat, almost.

  20. 20
    Elizabeth says:

    By far the most interesting Easter candy related memory from my childhood was scarfing down as many malted milk eggs as I could before my cousins came and I’d have to share until I finally puked pastel colors. I didn’t care…it made room for some chocolate bunnies!

  21. 21
    anntje says:

    One of the previous comments reminded me of the first time I was part of an Easter egg hunt as a kid. Everything was going great and we had found all the eggs in our yard & were snacking on all the great Easter sweets. My younger cousin somehow had the idea to look into the dirtiest trash can in the yard and in one of the tossed out candy bags was… dun dun dun… an Easter egg filled with candy. Yuck!

  22. 22
    kathy says:

    my favorite easter candy memory, was when I was 6 yrs. old and got the mumps for easter. I stood at the window (yes,I have a picture of that pitiful face) watching my sisters and friends run around, knocking each other over, snatching eggs and baskets from each other while I was given a bag of bunnies for my very own, along with may other delights without having to go outside and risk my life and limb.

  23. 23
    Theresa N says:

    My favorite Easter candy memory is the arrival of the Cadbury Creme Easter Eggs in the stores. Ahhh.. Bliss.

  24. 24
    Casey says:

    My favorite memory is when my dad got me a box of Recchiuti
    chocolates. I was only able to eat one however, when I went back to get another I found a empty box! My dad apologized and laughed saying he ate them all because they were so good! I wasn’t mad at all because it was good to see my dad laugh and have fun. He did end up getting me another box and I did share with him.

  25. 25
    Jody says:

    I love this SWEET site! The M & M pastels give away is great. For some reason those colors always taste better.

  26. 26
    stephen says:

    My dad would create scavenger hunts for us. Clues would lead us to Easter candy or toys, like frisbees or toy cars. The candy was always jelly beans or chocolate eggs in colored foil. And sometimes a stuffed Easter bunny in a basket. But the creativity that went into these scavenger hunts is really incredible. What a devoted dad I had. He made every holiday special for us.

  27. 27
    crystal adkins says:

    I wish I could upload a pic so you could see my fav. memory :(
    It was my son’s first Easter, everyone bought him candy and all that good stuff that he couldn’t eat b/c he was still crawling… so we ended up dumping it in a basket and he turned it over, spread the candy out everywhere and was lying in the middle of all of it. Fists full, and a huge smile on his face! It was priceless! Now he’s almost 3 and loves MM’s so I’d love to win!!

  28. 28
    Elizabeth Weiss says:

    One year, my family had a huge Easter gathering at my house.
    My mom held an race, which my cousins and I participated in to see who could find as many easter eggs as we could, “hidden” in our backyard. Though she said that along the way there would be some candy hiding as well. Whoever collected the most candy and eggs would get a big candy bar. She had mentioned that besides for there being a winner, there was also a moral to the race.
    Of course all of us went straight to work, collecting so much candy along the way! But where were the eggs?
    After my mom saw us working our hardest to try to find the eggs, for a while, she knew that we had enough. She told us that there were in fact no eggs hidden at all. She said that the moral of this race and fun was to keep trying and to never give up. Since we worked so hard trying to find what was not there, she gave us each a Wonka bar, showing us that we were all truly winners, and to be a winner you must never give up trying!

  29. 29
    Allison M. says:

    My sister and I loved to come down to our baskets on Easter morning and find those nasty Brach’s jelly beans which we scooped by the handful and dumped into our mom’s basket, chocolate bunnies (whose ears we bit off so they just had teeth marks at the top of their heads), but most of all we love STALE PEEPS!!!

    Since our baskets were set out with care the night before, those little chicks were hard as a rock by the time we got to them. To this day I’ll buy a little box of peeps (lets be real- 5 boxes) in March, although they are always on the shelves since there is now a peep for every season, cut the plastic and leave them out overnight before I touch them- tail first, then head, then whatever’s left! YUM!

  30. 30
    carole says:

    every year I hide candy in easter eggs for the grandkids..and they usually find every one!

  31. 31
    emily says:

    my favorite memory of easter is that me and my kids start collecting hallow eggs like the beginning of january every time we are about to use eggs we just brake a piece of the top and take the inside of the egg that way so by when easter rolls around we have ALOT! about 2 wks before easter we dye them and the week right before easter we fill them up with confetti and flour!so the family we usually spend easter with they never know whats in them! so we crack it on there head so when they try to wash it out it urns into dough its hilarious when you get the phone call of your family the next day

  32. 32
    Marie says:

    Every year my sister, brother and I would look forward to a huge solid chocolate Easter bunny, I always gnawed his ears off first.

  33. 33
    Charity says:

    I have always had a soft spot for peeps. My mom always made sure there were plenty of those and Reese PB eggs in my basket. My best memory was my first year on my own. I’d just moved into my apartment and my mom made me a “housewarming” Easter basket. It was a brand new trash can filled with apartment dweller necessities: a mini vaccum, cleaning supplies, new towels rolled and wrapped with spring colored ribbons and of course, an emergency chocolate and Peep supply. Mom said I was never told old to get an Easter basket because I’d always be her kid. :-)

  34. 34
    Rain says:

    I’ll never forget the expression on my godson’s face when he received his first basket brimming with Easter goodies. He looked startled, then suspicious, then disappointed, and finally euphoric. Later in life he told me that he thought we were playing a cruel joke on him. I believe that first basket contained a Reese’s rabbit, a Snickers rabbit, several bags of variously flavored jelly beans, a pack of his favorite strawberry licorice, and Pez. There were some loose fine-sizers floating at the bottom, too.

  35. 35
    Trish says:

    As a lifelong “candy freak” of course I loved Easter … the holiday that involved an entire basket of candy! I adored Peeps as a child, with the delicious pastel sugar coating. (Now I’m more of a chocolate candy girl.)

  36. 36
    Chelsea says:

    Instead of purchasing a chocolate rabbit, my mother once bought a two pound, hollow chocolate Garfield the cat. I loved Garfield and that big hunk of chocolate was amazing! Our entire family shared it!

  37. 37
    Tonya says:


  38. 38
    Kimberly says:

    My most memorable Easter My parents left me to spend the weedend with some of my mom’s friends. I was about five years old. Their oldest son told me there was no Easter bunny, Santa or Tooth fairy. I look back now and think about how mean that boy was. He was quite a bit older than I and should have known better!

    I remember I hated jelly beans back then. Now I love them! And I always liked the hollow sugar egg with a scene inside. Remember those?

  39. 39
    sara says:

    Every morning on every Easter we would wake up to find that tinfoil covered oval chocolates had been hidden all over the house and we still do even though me and my sister are in our twenties. I don’t think I have ever hunted for eggs outside but this is Canada after all so that would be too cold most likely. My favourite candy memory for Easter is that in addition to the eggs we would get a giant chocolate rabbit that would end up sitting in the freezer because it was way too big to consume in one sitting. The rest of the year we would go out to the freezer every so often and smash off a frozen chunk of delicious mockolate bunny as a treat until next Easter when we got a new one again. 

  40. 40
    michelle says:

    My favorite memory is always getting peeps. My Easter bunny never left them in the package, so plastic easter grass always got stuck to them, they were good anyway.


  41. 41
    Mitzi says:

    I have been overweight all my life(not so much now) and my favorite Easter was the year I had, as a kid, been dieting and that one year my mom let me have a big Easter basket filled with chocolate candy!! I was in heaven. Course when it was gone, there was NO MORE for what seems like forever. I am still a choc-o-holic but now I can buy my own whenever I want. I still eat some chocolate everyday!

  42. 42
    jean says:

    My wonderful memory was just last year when I saw the look on my 2 grandchildren’s faces when they were led out to the grass area where colorful plastic, gold and silver eggs, full of little delicious candies were hidden for them to find. It took over an hour to fill the eggs with every kind of chocolate, marshmallow and chewy candy they loved… and me too since I was going to help them eat it all. :)

  43. 43
    fayee says:

    YUM YUM AND DOUBLE YUM!! M&M\’s R MY Favorite I BUY THEM EVERY \”WEEK\” would love to win some!!!!!!!

  44. 44
    Sumayyah says:

    We grew up really poor and any holiday was hard on my mother and grandmother to live up to. There were so many holidays that weren’t celebrated simply because we could not afford it. But Easter was not one of them. On one Easter that I remember vividly, my brother and I awoke to find two beautiful Easter baskets. My grandmother had saved two very large Clorox bottles. She then crocheted a beautiful design over it out of yarn. Mine was pink and my brother’s was blue. She filled both with artificial green grass and lots of candy. But the most special part was tucked safely inside….it was a very large piece of fudge that she had stayed awake most of the night making and wrapped in shiny yellow cellophane. I will always remember that Easter and, of course, the yummy fudge!

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