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Candy Review: Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks and Sunbursts

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Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks

It’s rare that a candy company can impress me with some new and interesting products, but the people at Kimmie Candy have done just that. Stranger still was that I opened the box of treats from them and thought, “What the….?” (but in a good way!) I had the pleasure of sampling two of their products – the ChocoRocks and the Sunbursts – both of which impressed me with both taste and originality.

ChocoRocks are exactly what they sound like they should be – “boulders” of chocolate covered in a candy shell so that they look pretty much like they’ve just come out of your garden bed. Sunbursts are dry roasted sunflower kernels which are covered in cocoa and then a colored candy shell – you can purchase them as color themes (Christmas, Easter, etc) or in single-color bags.

Kimmie Candy Sunbursts

The Sunbursts were especially delicious, as the whole nutty/roasted taste of the sunflower goes so well with the cocoa. I also liked the tear drop shape and bright colors as it made me think of rain drops in a candy-coated world! (And which Candy Addict doesn’t want that, right?) The ChocoRocks were tasty, but their novelty factor was higher than their oh-my-god-these-rock (pun intended) taste.

Perhaps the only disappointment with the products made by Kimmie is the relevance… I’m not sure I would see myself thinking, “Gee, I’ve got a craving for a chocolate boulder!” and then running out to find them. However, if some fabulous person happened to gift me some, I don’t think I could stop eating them – which is in fact exactly what happened in this case. Both products were high in visual satisfaction insomuch as they were a pleasure to look at as much as they were a pleasure to eat.

Kimmie Candy has some other products which sound equally interesting – cocoa covered cookie dough, fruit juice infused raisins and so on. Made in the USA with all American products, I can’t think of a sweeter way to boost the economy than to go buy yourself some fabulous Kimmie treats. (Bonus for the bargain hunters: they sell “slightly imperfect” candy on their website for greatly reduced prices!)

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11 Responses to “Candy Review: Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks and Sunbursts”

  1. 1
    cassadee says:

    yum yum yum. I ♥ those choco rocks. Ive had them only once, last year, but I can’t find them again. Luckily, theyre from aus, and thats where I live, so I may have a chance =p.

    ps get well soon brian (even though you didnt write this article lol)

  2. 2
    cassadee says:

    wait, after re-reading, are they actually from the US???!!?? (sob) well, I know they sell them australia hahahaha. but theyre still awesome cool ☺

  3. 3
    laurie says:

    From the photo, it looks like the chocolate “rocks” come in two different varieties – the rough chunks and rounder “pebbles.” Any flavour difference between the two?

  4. 4
    Caitlin says:

    I didn’t notice any difference, nope. They’re all the same chocolate with the same coating, they just come out in different shapes. I did convince the kids I care for (they’re 5 and almost 4) that I was eating rocks, which was quite amusing.

  5. 5
    tracey says:

    I used to get the rocks when we lived in Australia, I used to get big bags at the airport!!!!
    have not seen them here though.

  6. 6
    Pam Walter says:

    What fun! Went to their website and noticed that they also have boulders. Have you tried those?

  7. 7
    Kitchen Gadgets says:

    How does it feels eating the choco rock? Does it feels like your eating a rock?

  8. 8
    Luke Renner says:

    I am dying to know, there was this gum that came out when I was a kid. It seemed like it had an astronaut on the package. The pieces were little pink balls with some sort of sugar dust on them. They were soft, not hard. It may have been called “Astro gum” or “Space gum” or some such nonsense. ANY clues about this at all? I am DYING to know what this stuff was called.


  9. 9
    wow gold says:

    It looks tasty and fun to chew. The color of Chocorocks is so impressive.

  10. 10
    Phil Walker says:

    i love this choc
    more than cat :P

  11. 11
    Connie says:

    Wow, I’d be impressed too.
    Edible rocks? Reminds me of my own sort of fantasies.

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