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Candy Review: Peach Smash Now and Laters

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Peach Smash Now and Later

After my success with the Pineapple Now and Later, I promised myself that I would approach other Now and Later varieties with an open mind. So spotting a whole display of flavors at a gas station, I was, as Homer Simpson so eloquently stated, “like a kid in some kind of a store.”

Scanning the flavors, I was torn between several, but it soon became obvious which would be the one to try. Peach Smash. Why? First, I love peaches. Second, there are so very few peach-flavored things in the world aside from peaches. Third, I have no idea what a “Smash” tastes like, but if there are peaches involved, count me in!

These pieces are identical in size to the Pineapple Now-and-Later, but instead of being neon yellow, they are a bright, but soft orange hue (not quite peach in color). Hopefully, these babies do a better job of tasting like peaches than they do looking like them.

The piece exudes a subtle peach aroma, which is a nice start. However, this variety fails in several ways compared to its pineapple brethren. The candy was staler and more sticky, making unwrapping the wax paper a challenge. When tossing one into my mouth, they were also petrified compared to the softer pineapple version.

After about thirty seconds, the candy became less tough and reverted to the chewy taffy Now-and-Laters eventually arrive at. The flavor isn’t bold, but has a metallic taste common to Now-and-Laters. As the piece softens, the flavor is more pronounced. When at its zenith of flavor, the peach is minimal, but noticeable with a not too sweet association of peach syrup. I still have no idea what the “smash” part implies.

Had these been fresher and had the metallic taste not overwhelmed the delicate peach flavor, I would have enjoyed these a great deal more. They were fine, but nothing spectacular. I probably won’t be buying these again to get my peach cravings fix, but they didn’t put me off from wanting to try the other flavor varieties.

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