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Candy Review: Gummy Lightning Bugs

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Gummy Lightning Bugs

I have to say, I’m a sucker for a cool looking package. So when I saw these Lightning Bugs gummy candies, I knew I had to try them. I mean, how cool would it be to say I’ve eaten a lightning bug? Nobody has to know they’re gummy and not the real thing.

When I first ripped open this package, I immediately scattered everything out onto the table. The first thing I noticed were these purple tongs that came with the candy, and the batteries were already included, which was a plus. There’s nothing worse than opening something up, only to find that you have to run to the store to get batteries for the thing.

After that I saw about fifteen gummy candies in two different colors; red and yellow. Those were apparently the two flavors: strawberry and lemon. Of course I dug right in and immediately picked one up with the tongs. I squeezed the tongs and sure enough, the gummy lit up.

Gummy Lightning Bugs Scattered

I decided to inspect the gummy Lightning Bug and noticed that each one had tiny little faces on them. Some may say that they were smiling, even though they had to know they were about to be eaten. The tongs tended to give the yellow gummies a reddish tint, while making the red ones even redder.

Gummy Lightning Bugs Tongs
After playing with them for a while, I decided I better try them so I can give a proper review. They were soft and squeezable and the texture was very chewy. They tasted like fruity gummy candies, however, I did notice that the lemon flavor was stronger than the strawberry. Both flavors still tasted really good, though.

I did notice that the gummy Lightning Bugs look nothing like they do on the package. They may have similar facial features, but they don’t have the long tails like the packaging shows. And really, the packaging doesn’t even look like a lightning bug in my opinion.

I did have fun playing with the tongs, though. I tried lighting up my finger, and that too was given a reddish tint. I even tried lighting up my cat’s ear. She didn’t mind, she was sleeping anyway. Her ear glowed red as well.

Overall, this candy is fun to play with and the gummy candies have a strong fruity taste to them. These were probably better than any other gummy candy I’ve ever tried. I’d definitely eat and/or play with these again.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Gummy Lightning Bugs”

  1. 1
    RubyOnepin says:

    Hey! My BF and I tried these last month so had to comment! The bugs themselves aren’t too bad – at least they were soft and did taste close to the expected flavors. However I was expecting different colored bugs based on the packaging. Really the best thing are the tongs – and yes, we also lit up the cat’s ear. :)
    As for the best gummies – since it is a little to late to leave this suggestion on the gummy post from January, I’m sold on Target brand gummy bears. They are always way more moist (not sticky) than Haribo. Find them at your favorite Target. I know it sounds odd, but I *swear* they are great!

  2. 2
    Chocolicious says:

    These things are pretty good! But I think they should be called Glow Worms.

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