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Candy Review: Nestle Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch

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Nestle Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch

Of all the Nestle chocolate bars that aren’t available in the United States, the most popular has got to be Coffee Crisp. With legions of fans around the world, it was about time for Canada’s favorite chocolate-coated-wafer-bar-with-coffee-in-its-name-that-doesn’t-really-taste-like-coffee to get a special edition of its own. Hence, the Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch Bar.

Now, for a bar that was already known for being crunchy and chocolatey, this seems like an odd concept for a special edition. At first glance, the main difference between this and the original is the shape – while the original is a thick rectangle with every side the same width, the new bar seems to have been flattened into a thinner, wider, more “traditional” chocolate-bar shape.

I can’t remember offhand whether the original Coffee Crisp uses real chocolate, but this one sure doesn’t (hence the “chocolatey” in the name). Like the original, it contains a filling of crisp wafers interspersed with a firm yet creamy filling. While the original is made up of thick layers of wafer with very thin layers of a creamy, vaguely coffee-flavored icing-like filling, in the new bar the ratio of filling to wafer has been decidedly skewed in favor of the filling. This thinner bar contains only three thin layers of wafer interspersed with two layers of chocolate-flavored confection.

While I’ve always found the original rather anemic, the filling of the Chocolatey Crunch really does live up to its name. Doing away with even the pretense of tasting like coffee, it’s got a rich, intense chocolate taste, just this side of tasting like dark chocolate.

As the slogan says, this really is a “nice light snack” (in terms of texture, not calories) – the wafer, filling and chocolate combine for texture that is like, yet unlike, the original. Reducing the amount of wafer has resulted in a crisp, airy bar that quickly melts away in your mouth, leaving you with a mouthful of creamy, rich chocolate flavor.

I’ve never really gotten the hype about Coffee Crisp – I think it’s a decent bar, but it’s not my most favorite. This, however, is really good. The new shape, the intensity of the chocolate filling and the (to me) more appealing ratio of wafer to filling puts this miles above what I’ve always considered a somewhat unexciting bar. Hopefully, this is one limited edition bar that won’t be flying off the radar anytime soon.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Nestle Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch”

  1. 1
    Robby says:

    i find coffee crisps stocked in my dollar tree store, and agree with you, that they’re ok. hopefully this version will infiltrate into the dollar store too

  2. 2
    ann says:

    I also found these at a dollar store. Besides the lack of coffee flavor, the chocolate is a little too “Palmer’s-ish” for my liking. No one around here has ever heard of them so I doubt there will be any rush.

  3. 3
    Lose That Girl says:

    Coffee Crisp bars are fantastic. I used to buy them for UK friends all the time.

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