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Candy Review: Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops

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Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops

Cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss – whatever you want to call it, the universal translation for this confection is Yum! But what is one to do when the carnival/fair is not in season?

I suppose you could always buy a bag of the prepackaged stuff they sell in stores, but it just isn’t the same as having the freshly made variety melting betwixt your fingers and dissolving as soon as it hits your tongue.

While popping in to the convenience store to buy a cup of tea on a particularly chilly morning, I spotted Charms Fluffy Sutff Cotton Candy Pops. Cotton candy in a lollipop? I was skeptical, but the payoff was too great to not try. I mean, if these could accurately mimic the taste of cotton candy, my dilemma would be forever remedied. So I bought my cup of lemongrass tea and the lollipop.

These lollipops, as opposed to the well-known Charms Blow Pops, are flat, resembling the traditional lollipop. Coming at about an inch and a half in diameter, they feature a festive coloration of light blue and light pink, both of the cotton candy hue variety.

I stuck the lollipop in my mouth and waited for the taste to come. And then waited, and waited, and waited. Apparently, someone forgot to wake up the flavor because it never showed! Feeling as if someone had just stood up my tongue for a promising blind date, my only reaction was that of Stephanie Tanner: “How rude!”

To be fair, cotton candy does not have a strong flavor to begin with, since it’s just heated sugar that cools in the air as it’s spun. The fibers are only strongly flavored if the sugar has an artificial flavor added. But regardless of its subtle taste, it still has a distinct presence in the mouth.

These lollipops tasted of a mild sweetness, but nothing else. I suppose that is a great deal like cotton candy in theory, but the fresh form yields a more flavorful result because of the recent melting of the sugar. Furthermore, real cotton candy offers textures and heat (if consumed immediately from the machine).

If you’re going to lose those elements, you have to compensate by provided a stronger taste of cotton candy. And it’s not as if it can’t be done. Carnival Skittles have an amazing cotton candy piece that is spot-on for the real thing.

So, I haven’t been able to rectify my inability to consume cotton candy any time I wish, a desire that is only further exacerbated by the fact that Carnival Skittles were a limited edition variety that is not easily found these days. For those who do find these lollipops, I say save your money. Charms is a great company, but I feel they just dropped the ball here.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops”

  1. 1
    laurie says:

    Have you tried the cotton candy-flavoured Hubba Bubba? I haven’t had it for awhile, but I remember that it was pretty spot-on.

  2. 2
    anel says:

    hey I have a friend who is adicted to candy what should she do?

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