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Candy Review: Skittles Crazy Cores

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Skittles Crazy Cores

This past week I had the pleasure of having my father visit for the holidays. It was a great time. We explored the city, dined at my favorite eateries, and enjoyed the sweet tooth I genetically inherited from him by popping into various confection stores and leaving very, very full.

When it was time to bid adieu to him, we pulled into a gas station near my house so he could fill the rental car up and avoid the surcharge. Despite this gas station being located down the street from me, I hadn’t set foot in it a long time, but remember finding a slew of great candy during earlier visits.

As he paid the clerk, I browsed the candy aisle and scanned it for something out of the ordinary. Maybe because it was Christmas Day (I can’t really figure it out otherwise), but there amongst all the different flavors of Skittles sat the newest spin-off, Skittles Crazy Cores.

I first learned about the upcoming release of this candy back in the fall, but I hadn’t seen these in any major supermarkets or drugstores, which made my spotting them in an independently owned gas station particularly Christmas miracle-esque.

Crazy Cores are based on the premise that two flavors are better if combined into one; the first flavor is the outer shell, while the second flavor in the inner portion. There are tenish flavors here to combine for five pieces. The first flavor listed is the outer shell and the second one the inner portion.

Mango Peach: Instead of mango, I get a blast of nectarine. It’s a juicy rush, which then transitions into a peach flavor very reminiscent of the Jelly Belly flavor. Despite it not being mango, it had a very tropical taste.

Cherry Lemonade: So I like to fuse the flavors into one word. Sometimes it’s not too successful (hence no mention of Meach), but cherry and lemonade combine for an easy pronunciation that shall hereby be known as cherade (sounds like the game). Cherade begins its flavor journey with cherry, which tastes artificial, but not as bad as the Wild Berry variety. This could be a direct result of the lemonade flavor transforming the piece to distract your tongue from the cough syrup association.

Strawberry Watermelon: The watermelon and strawberry share equal flavor time, blending harmoniously. I don’t like strawberry and watermelon a great deal to begin with, and with the strawberry tasting identical to the original variety I didn’t fall in love with this flavor, but it will appease fans of those tastes.

Melon Berry: I am confused by this flavor simply because Wild Berry Skittles already contain a Melon Berry flavor. Either way, this piece refuses to seek classification. The generic terms of melon and berry offer no actual suggestion as to which melons or berries are being utilized, and upon tasting, I still had no answer. I suppose it seemed like kiwi fruit more than anything else.

Blue Raspberry Lemon: You’ve all read my rants on blue raspberry enough to know my stance on it; here, however, is an instance where it works well. The piece is a little tart, but the acidity of the lemon balances the tang of the blue raspberry. The end result is a scrumptious blend.

To me, there is nothing novel about Crazy Cores. Both the Tropical and Smoothie Mix varieties are comprised of two different flavors in one piece. I didn’t mind these, but that may be because I enjoy tropical and berry flavors a great deal, and most of these flavors fall under that umbrella.

I do foresee many people not having similar reactions if they vastly prefer the unadulterated, original mix. Still, there is nothing egregious about them, and I wouldn’t turn them down if someone offered me a bag, but I would probably buy a different flavor if it were my own money I were spending.

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10 Responses to “Candy Review: Skittles Crazy Cores”

  1. 1
    Stacey says:

    I had them a couple of weeks ago and I was not that impressed. I felt that some of the core flavors were lost in the flavor of the shell. I love the Berry Mix, then Tropical Mix and then I go to the Original Mix if I have to. Like you stated, I would not turn these down if someone purchased a bag for me but I will not spend my money on them again.

    Still, I had fun eating them.


  2. 2
    Rosa says:

    Ooh! Now that I know they’re out, I’ll be on the prowl.

  3. 3
    neko says:

    Look for the chocolate mix they released with these. Sickly sweet, but the s’mores flavor is pretty accurate.

  4. 4
    Jeni says:

    I haven’t even heard of those, but they look yum-o!

  5. 5
    NuRhoNupe says:

    I would choose these over the original skittles, I loved them. And that’s saying something cause I love the original skittles too.

  6. 6
    BreAunna says:


  7. 7
    OUTSPOKEN says:

    Ok so first off, whoever does not like something so small as skittles AND takes the time to actually criticize and complain about it, you’re a retard. CRAZY CORES are probably The BEST version of Skittles that have ever come out on the market. I eat them EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, NO i am not obese so do not even try to go there, and i practically fall in love every time. The combination is sheer genius to me. I absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone. I’d buy a Crazy Cores T shirt if they made one. I do not even like any of the other versions of Skittles, but as soon as I found these I could not get enough of them. I’d like to shake the man/woman’s hand who thought up these bad boys because I think they are amazing.

  8. 8
    koala says:

    I actually really like these. I haven’t really eaten Skittles much in years, but then I tried these and they’re soo good. Sometime later I tried to eat the purple skittles (wild berry I think?)(my favorite back in middle school) and they were so gross. They just seemed to dissolve into sugar. Somehow this flavor seems to be more solid.

  9. 9
    WitherSlick says:

    I agree with Koala. They, to me, are THE BEST skittles that their are. My personal favorite.

    I’d buy a T-shirt.

  10. 10
    Sofie says:

    Did wrigglies really discontinue making skittles crazy cores? I certainly hope not, for I quite enjoyed them. I have tasted every skittle pack they have thrown at the public. (Including those yucky chocolate skittles…what on earth were they thinking when they made those?) My point being that the crazy cores were my favorites and its a shame that no one sells them anymore. T,T

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