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Candy Review: Bob’s Watermelon Candy Canes

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Bob’s Watermelon Candy Canes

After my successful venture from traditional candy canes to Bob’s Blueberry Candy Canes, I felt less skeptical about seeking out another flavor. Though I normally don’t go for watermelon, I found these pink candy canes with green stripes aesthetically inviting enough for me to purchase Bob’s Watermelon Candy Canes from my local H.E.B.

Like its blueberry counterpart, the watermelon variety is the same size as a standard candy cane. Unwrapping it, I smell a scent reminiscent of strawberry jam, which is an odd thing considering watermelon and strawberries aren’t really that similar aside from them both being red….

Despite the smell, the taste is indicative of artificial watermelon. There are many varieties of watermelon-flavored candies out there, so as I sucked on the end of the candy cane, I tried to find a good comparison to better illustrate its taste.

The flavor is softer than that of a Jolly Rancher, yet is complex with floral and raspberry notes. I even get a slight tart sensation on my lips. I’m not really sure who originally decided watermelon candies’ flavor, since they never made me think of a slice of fresh watermelon when eating them. It’s kinda like someone picked it, and because we have always grown up with it, we accept it.

This product, unlike the blueberry version, isn’t as accurate at portraying its namesake fruit flavor. I can’t really fault it, though, since no other candy does it well either. But this is a decent version of the concocted flavor. I enjoyed it more than most watermelon products because at least this one tasted fruity and not overly sweet, which is a pleasure for any candy, regardless of the flavor.

I would definitely consume these over a watermelon Jolly Rancher or any watermelon-flavored hard candy out there. Even though Bob’s has a legacy in the candy cane business, I think they should rethink the whole candy cane sector and instead churn out bite-sized, hard candy versions, similar to their Cherry Balls. These candy canes aren’t really anything more than yummy hard candies to begin with, and a smaller size sold in a package of a variety of flavors would be very appealing year-round.

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