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Candy Review Update: White Rabbit Safety Issue – Melamine in Candy?

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white rabbit creamy candies

White Rabbit candy has been linked to the tainted milk scandal in China.

In my review a few weeks ago, I wrote the following: “This candy only has four ingredients: two kinds of sweetener (corn starch syrup and cane sugar), butter, and milk. How can you go wrong with that?”

You can go wrong when your ingredients are tainted!

From the Associated Press (Sept 27, 2008):

“Meanwhile, the Shanghai-based maker of White Rabbit, a popular vanilla-flavored toffee, said it stopped domestic sales after the Hong Kong government’s Center for Food Safety said the candy contained more than six times the legal limit of melamine.

That followed White Rabbit recalls in Britain, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.”

Full story

The FDA has yet to act in the U.S., but I now urge you to avoid this candy. Maybe there’s a good reason for the organic food movement? Best (healthy) candy wishes to you all.

For more information on melamine, head on over to the National Confectioners Association’s blog and their informative article on melamine and chocolate: Chocolate is Safe from Melamine, White Rabbit Recalled.

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6 Responses to “Candy Review Update: White Rabbit Safety Issue – Melamine in Candy?”

  1. 1
    ButterflyKyss says:

    Scary! I thank you for posting this though. The thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that these might be part of the recall!

  2. 2
    amypaige says:

    I wish they would put out a list of all the candies that may be tainted. I read that some versions of Pocky could have melamine in them. And the Koala chocolate filled crackers too. But what else uses milk products from China? Very scary.

  3. 3
    Dwain says:

    Anyone who read the Sea Hag’s review of White Rabbit candy from day 4 of her Candy Ramadan ( should well remember her unpleasant experience with the product. Perhaps it was the melamine that caused it to taste like refried beans?

  4. 4
    Tracy says:

    I love White Rabbit, so I’m rather bummed by this turn of events, but not entirely surprised. There are a huge number of products being affected by this, mainly in Asia, but also abroad. Hopefully some stricter standards will be put into place after this to protect the consumers, but until then, I just have to keep hoping that the scandal doesn’t end up killing all of my favorite Asian treats.

  5. 5
    Dragon-chan says:

    Oh snap. *slowly removes half-eaten White Rabbit candy from mouth* Well. This sucks. They’re so damn tasty though… *puts candy back in mouth* I bet THAT one was safe.

  6. 6
    Technosquid says:

    I was going to give out Koala’s March this Halloween, but then I learned they were implicated in the melamine issue. Even though I think they’re totally safe to eat with the minuscule amount of chocolate inside, I didn’t want any parents coming back the next day to kick my butt.

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