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Candy Review: Peckton’s Taste of the Orient Fruit Jellies

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Peckton’s Taste of the Orient Jellies

When Candy Addict last went to the All Candy Expo, the writers came back raving about the Medlow fruit pectin jellies they sampled, and lamented how hard it was to source them locally. Of course I had to laugh – being the only Australia-based writer, I could get these all the time! It made a nice change from all the candies reviewed here that I can’t get my hands on.

I offered to send them some Medlow jellies, and began hunting around for them. They’re readily available, I’ve seen them in several stores here… but sadly, a search of a half dozen stores left me empty handed. Since then, I’ve been searching high and low and they are nowhere to be found. A recent shopping expedition to Sweet As netted me a box of interesting sounding fruit jellies. It was only once I had the box in hand that I realized I’d found the Holy Grail!

Peckton’s Close Up

These Taste of the Orient fruit jellies were made by… Medlow! These have a whole new name in the “Peckton’s” (a play on words, perhaps?), a whole new graphical look, and were part of the re-branding from Medlow to “David Medlow Chocolates.” The flavors sounded fantastic – mandarin, lychee, lime. The packaging was gorgeous as well – a heavy, glossy box, which when opened revealed the paper and acetate lined selection of jellies. Each jelly came in its own little paper cup and the lid had tasting notes and further information.

Each of the jellies is a beautiful little half-dome, fairly generous in size and with a fine coating of sugar. They were beautifully colored and the box smelled lovely – citrus-y and light. The flavor of each was quite subtle, with the mandarin being the strongest. Lychee didn’t taste nearly as strange as I thought it might – the flavor was very close to the fresh fruit. Lime was my least favorite, probably because it didn’t capture the tartness of a real lime. All of them had a slightly sandy outside texture, but the inside was smooth and delicious. Not as gelatine-stretchy as a gummi might be, these were very firm yet with the right amount of luscious “give” in the mouth. Overall, a fantastic eating experience.

There was also a mixed berry flavor box available, but I didn’t buy it as I assumed the flavors would be what I had already tasted in the Medlow range. Now I’m thinking it might be best if I run out and buy a couple boxes – one for me and one for the North America-based writers, so I can make good on that long-ago promise.

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