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Gum Review: Cry Baby Sour Gum

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Cry Baby Sour Gum
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This guest review comes from John Klassa…

I first encountered Cry Baby gum after coming in second place in a contest I entered with my young son. First prize was a huge bag of Cry Baby gum. Second prize was, well, nothing at all. Fortunately for us, the first-place winners were kind enough to share a big ol’ handful with us. They came in sleeves of five or six, and I liked them so much that I wound up chewing whole sleeves at a time.

The taste that “had me at hello” was back in spades in the review samples I received recently. This time, though, I got the regular round variety, and some samples of a “Double Bubble” variety.

Double Bubble Extra Sour Cry Baby Lemon gum has the texture of the Double Bubble I remember from childhood, coupled with Cry Baby’s deliciously sour taste. The sourness isn’t quite as pronounced as that of the regular variety, but it’s not bad, either. Unfortunately, the flavor lasts just a couple of minutes In casual chewing – like, literally, 2.5 minutes. I timed it. After that, it’s just like all other gum -firm and flavorless.

Regular Cry Baby gum (Extra Sour Cry Baby Bubble Gum) packs significantly more of an initial punch, and has a much smoother texture. Really, it’s a double-barrel blast of mouth-puckering goodness, which makes your mouth water from the instant it hits your tongue. Unfortunately, the flavor lasts even less long – about two minutes, relatively consistently. It’s really tasty, but it’s brief.

Conclusion: The initial punch of mouthwatering sourness is worth the effort, even if it doesn’t last very long. The green and yellow varieties are good from the get-go, while the red is a tad unpleasant at first (but turns yummy pretty quickly). Recommended!

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    Mr.Sound says:

    Actors and actresses could make use if this cry baby sour gum if they have a sad scene and want to

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