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Candy Review: Crème de Menthe and Chocolate Crème de Menthe Altoids

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Dark Chocolate Dipped Creme de Menthe Altoids

I’ve always appreciated the aggressive nature of Altoids. They simply aren’t a wallflower candy. Instead, they are more like the uncle who has one too many at family gatherings and inevitably ends up dancing with his shirt off or passed out under a porch. These are mints you eat with anticipation. You know that there will be flavor, oh yes, and sometimes it may slightly overwhelm you with potency. But, like the expectation of a wacky uncle’s trademark bad behavior, there is something comforting about the flavor and effectiveness of Altoids. After all, they consistently freshen even the most critically vile breath.

The new Crème de Menthe and Dark Chocolate Dipped Crème de Menthe are no exception. And I’ll say it right now: they are delicious.

Both are based on a sweet mint-flavored liqueur called crème de menthe, which comes in both colorless and supernatural green versions. My experience with crème de menthe primarily involved clandestine swigs from bottles in my parents’ liquor cabinet as a teenager and many years serving vodka stingers as a cocktail waitress. I had never been particularly impressed with the liqueur – probably because I had only come across the scary green goblin blood version.

Lucky for me, the Crème de Menthe Altoids did away with the icky green food coloring. Instead, the regular Crème de Menthe Altoids are a pale, subtly boozy, minty delight. The alcohol flavor is understated enough that you would pass a Breathalyzer test, but the aftertaste has the pleasant kick of liqueur.

The Dark Chocolate Dipped Crème de Menthe Altoids consist of the Crème de Menthe base mint dipped in a glossy coating of dark chocolate. And they are good. Really good. Much like Brian when he tried earlier incarnations of the chocolate dipped Altoids, I couldn’t help but eat one and then immediately reach for another. The dark chocolate is imparted with just a hint of the liqueur flavor, and when you crunch down on the mint, it’s like eating a crunchy Junior Mint for grownups. The booze flavor seems slightly milder in the dark chocolate dipped mints than in the non-chocolate version – the sweetness of the chocolate cuts the alcohol taste.

With their sophisticated adult flavor, these Crème de Menthe Altoids, and especially the Dark Chocolate Dipped Crème de Menthe Altoids, are slated to become part of my personal repertoire of breath-freshening candies. Actually, they may be my number one.

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4 Responses to “Candy Review: Crème de Menthe and Chocolate Crème de Menthe Altoids”

  1. 1
    Stephanie says:

    Ugh, i hate a whole tin of these things and they made me sick xD. now i cant bare to look at them (i recommend not eating them all at once, even if they are delicious)

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    Oh man. I love these. I started on Altoids during my last phase of quitting smoking. I found these at a national drug store chain and it was their only tin. I went through them in 3 days and had to go to one of their competitors to get another tin- also their last. These are replacing my Peppermint Altoids and I’m buying them in bulk.

  3. 3
    Breathalyzer Reviews says:

    Karen, my wife went through the same thing as you did when she quit smoking! Had to have something in her mouth at all times and altoids were the thing she bought in bulk and ate in bulk too!

  4. 4
    Kathy says:

    Hi. I love chocolate altoids. Anyone know when they will be available again????

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