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Candy Review: Nihilist Mints

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Nihilist Mints

What is this review really about, anyway? Is it even worth writing? Is it even about anything at all? I don’t believe so. For the Nihilist in your life, Archie McPhee offers their flavorless Nihilist mints, 60 pieces of nothing guaranteed to taste like emptiness and the void in your soul.

The packaging is really sweet, it reminds me of a coffin… it’s a sleek little black case that slides out to reveal the pellets of nada within. Do they taste good? Of course not. Do they taste bad? Of course not. They’re flavorless. You didn’t expect Nihilist mints to taste like sunshine and lollipops, did you? They taste like nothing with a side of sugar. Or like the lack of an answer to the question “Why?”, depending on your world view. As Archie McPhee claims: “Nihilists don’t believe in flavor!”

If none of this makes sense to you, here is the definition of Nihilist.

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5 Responses to “Candy Review: Nihilist Mints”

  1. 1
    growitgreen says:

    Ever year or so I am utterly amazed at what new thing people are marketing.. and even worse selling.. tasteless mints… what next.. beefless cows??? thank you so much for the review.. I thoroughly enjoyed your wit and sarcasm… Kepp ‘em coming….

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    As a Seattlite, I have been to Archie McPhee many a time. My brother is a big fan of nihilist gum – he actually likes it better than many normal gums!

    I think the first commenter missed the point. Archie McPhee is a store full of humor. Playsets with unicorns on which you can spear any of the characters on the unicorn’s horn, and has happy-rainbow packaging with dying people on it. Other gums include sparkle ninja. This is not really marketing, it is humor. And I see it as that.

  3. 3
    Sea Hag says:

    HA HA HA! I love this candy company!

  4. 4
    lil' drumma bwoi says:

    leagalise everything! sack the police! nihilist future!

  5. 5
    chiaroscuro25 says:

    If they have no flavor, are the really “mints”? Aren’t they really just lozenges?

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