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Sweet and Stylish Candy Jewelry

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Looking to sweeten up your summer wardrobe? Why not add a little sugar with some candy-inspired jewelry! I’ve scoured the internet for fun, colorful and playful items that, when worn, may cause you to chase after ice cream trucks, build a tree fort, or play in a sprinkler. Yes, they are that inspiring and adorable.

Candyware Summer Gum Fancy Necklace
This Summer Gum Fancy Necklace from Candyware truly is simple and sweet. I love the bright colors of the gum pendants, and frankly, this necklace seems conservative enough to even be worn during office hours. Personally, I would buy all three colors and wear them like medals of candy honor. And I’ll be checking back at the site for the jewelry in development – the glass gumdrop looks so tantalizing!

Molly Brown Three Jelly Bean NecklaceI’m also enamored with the Three Jelly Bean Necklace from Molly Brown. I’ve been into charms lately and this necklace gives me the opportunity to choose my own beans. Interestingly, the “ice cream” colored bean looks similar to the delightful Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn bean. I’m thinking that’s a good place to start color coordinating. Then I’ll get raspberry, and then orange and then… I will practice a little bit of restraint.

Perpetual Kid Pez EarringsAnother office-friendly but whimsical choice would be the Pez Earrings from Perpetual Kid. Pez and their dispensers have always entranced me – buying a magnificent Chewbacca Pez dispenser when I traveled to England became a trip highlight – and these sterling silver earrings would be an understated reminder of that inner child as I trudge off to another day at the office.

Tatty Devine Heart Shaped Lolly Earring
I also enjoy these dangly Heart Shaped Lolly Earrings. The right girl or boy may be able to pull these off – the unconventional shape would, I’m certain, somehow be ripped from my ear with great clumsy drama. But I like how they are fun and young. These would be perfect for someone trying to add some sweetness to an already sassy wardrobe.

Etsy Candy Resin BangleThis summer, I’d accessorize a simple sun dress with this magnificent candy and resin bangle bracelet. It’s like a party on your wrist! I love how the bangle appears packed with color – and with candy. I’m thinking this would be a nice conversation starter and the bangle seems versatile enough to wear all summer long. Good enough to eat? Quite possibly.

Etsy Starlight Mint EarringsI was also drawn to these adorable starlight mint-influenced drop earrings. Though perhaps more appropriate when the snow falls and chestnuts roast, there’s something incredibly, well, sweet about these little vintage Lucite earrings. The bright red would lend well to many summer ensembles and actually makes them seem less seasonal – and more about the peppermint itself.

Etsy Nerd Herd Necklace
And finally, a necklace that features one of my favorite candies in all of creation: the Nerd Herd Necklace. This pendant may be the most quirky of the jewelry featured here, but it was love at first sight for me and this little nugget of candy, glitter and resin. What better way to sweeten up a simple t-shirt and jeans than by wearing your love of all things Nerds on your neck? I may need this necklace to live.

Leave a comment if you find some fantastically stylish candy jewelry that I may have missed. I’m always on the lookout for a tasty new accessory!

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4 Responses to “Sweet and Stylish Candy Jewelry”

  1. 1
    H. says:

    These are cute!!

  2. 2
    rosa says:

    ok, this is spooky.. i read this sight aaall the time (and it has raised my weekly candy budget quite a bit) i also happen to make a whole bunch of candy related jewellery and post it up on ebay and etsy regularly. feel free to email me i have a cataloge! or check out my etsy page (not much up there at the moment.. am busy planning my wedding :) )

  3. 3
    online tv says:

    Are these necklace’s real candy? They look really cute, but i be tempted to eat the candy off my necklace.

  4. 4
    kierra says:

    I am interested in a catalog if you have any. Thank you.

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