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Candy Review: X-Treme Sour Candy

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X-Treme Sour Candy

Here at Candy Addict, we’ve already determined that when it comes to sour candy, there is sour, and then there is sour. I had pretty much given up my search for anything which would satisfy my sour-deprived taste buds, until I came across X-Treme Sour Candy. It had the picture of someone’s head being blown up, the “Caution: X-Tremely Sour” warning and it even came in a cute little rocket-shaped container.

The thing which made me buy it was actually the health warning, in small print, on the label: “CAUTION: Eating multiple pieces at the same time or within a short time of each other may cause an irritation to sensitive tongues and mouth. This may vary from a slight irritation to a severe reaction depending on the individual.” Yippee! Candy eating as an extreme sport? I’m in! As you can imagine, I wasted no time on these, especially as the flavor mix included cola, strawberry, apple, and blue raspberry.

The candies are individually wrapped, with the color of wrapper relevant to the flavor inside. Each candy is about the size of a nickel – so fairly substantial, really. The first sensation you get is of extreme sourness (similar to a WarHead) – the kind which makes your tongue curl and your hair straighten.

It was most amusing when I offered to let my son co-review with me – I wish I’d taken a photo of the look on his face! The sad thing? It only lasts maybe a second or two before dissolving back into run-of-the-mill sweetness. If, like me, you lose patience with sucking hard candy and just crunch into them, you’ll then find a little cache of sourness hiding in the middle. Bonus!

The Mike and Jack brand, which produces X-Treme Sour Candy, is one which is known more for novelty candy rather than candy which you want to buy twice – they’ve got candy jewelery and goo-filled marshmallows and the like. I had pretty low expectations of these candies, since most sour candies claim to be sour and then fall short. These really were sour!

While I was disappointed in how long the sourness lasted, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the flavors were, and that little bit of extra sour “juice” in the middle was really tasty. The individually wrapped pieces mean that I can throw some of these into my work bag or car and have a little sour hit throughout the day. The flavors are actually delicious for something which I would have otherwise dismissed as a “buy once” novelty candy.

For those who are curious, even though this candy was pretty sour… no smoke came out of my ears and no children were harmed (much) in the making of this review.

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5 Responses to “Candy Review: X-Treme Sour Candy”

  1. 1
    TodoCandy says:

    Nice! Where can you buy this x-treme candy? Warheads aren’t so so sour but if this beats that, I would love to try. Is it from the Expo? I can’t wait to try..

  2. 2
    Robert B. says:

    Dang it, another Australia-only good one! Frick! Michelle, have you tried Asian sours like Shigix (sp?)? I have ordered some from Asian Food Market (J-List/J-Box has them too).

    (Totally unrelated: The advertisment on the left hand of my screen right now is for “Peppermint P*ck*rs” from, LOL! I bet those aren’t sour.)

  3. 3
    TwizzlerHiccup says:

    I don’t know, the thought of a sour cola flavor kind of creeps me out.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    Just reading about anything sour makes the sides of my mouth start going as if it’s already in there, making me salivate! Ahhhh, that’s so strange. I’m not a huge sour fan, though I do love lemon & lime stuff and have to have my lemon/limeade pretty tart, and most sour candy is too sour for me (I can’t keep a Warhead in my mouth, I know, I’m a weenie), but good on ya for finding something that does the sour thing justice for you!

  5. 5
    Demi says:

    I’ve never had the candy you are talking about, but i have had warheads and I found a candy more sour than them. They are called Toxic Waste and the sour last up to about thirty seconds, it also contains a sour inside.

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