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Adieffe Concept Chocolate Bar

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Adieffe Chocolate Bar
If you are one of many consumers concerned about your candy’s nutritional information, you’ll be pleased to note the above chocolate concept, the “Rompibollo” from the Italian design group Adieffe. Their chocolate bar not only provides perforated, easy-to-separate sections, but each individual piece also displays its caloric content.

This is a huge bonus for anyone working at portion control or trying to learn how to improve eating habits. After all, it’s quite easy to ignore the tiny box of nutritional information printed on a Butterfinger wrapper. When faced with actually having knowledge of what you eat as you eat, people may make better choices – perhaps a tiny piece of this bar supplemented with a big glass of water and some sliced up fruit?

Personally, I would like to see this design concept go into production. Much like the zillions of 100-calorie pre-packaged snacks that have invaded the stores in the past several years, this chocolate bar fits right into the growing portion-controlled market. I hope this concept serves as an inspiration to the candy makers of the world. I know I will never stop eating candy (apologies to my dentist and waistline) and this chocolate bar could definitely be an asset to people attempting to fit candy consumption into a healthier lifestyle.

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One Response to “Adieffe Concept Chocolate Bar”

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    Lisa says:

    Wow, what an interesting design. I agree that there is definitely a market for this — as a plus, it looks like the candy is still packaged as a single bar, so it’s not as wasteful as those 100-calorie packs.

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