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Sandy Candy Giveaway winners

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Sandy Candy

The emails have gone out to the winners of the Sandy Candy Giveaway so if you entered, check your email! Make sure emails from aren’t flagged as spam. It will seem spammy since it has phrases about you winning and asking for your address. We ended up giving 13 prize packs to 48 entrants – so more than 25% of those that entered won! Those are some good odds.

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5 Responses to “Sandy Candy Giveaway winners”

  1. 1
    TwizzlerHiccup says:

    Dang! Didn’t win. Oh well, it got me poetry inspired, lol. Congrats to everyone who won.

  2. 2
    K K says:

    post the poems that won (-;

  3. 3
    michelle says:

    I won! & I just received my candy today! I’m so suprised :p

  4. 4
    dylan moran says:

    I also won i recived my candy to day too, i am going to have an end of the year party for school on the 5th thanks so much brian, it said in the winning email that brian was your name

  5. 5
    Jgarrett says:

    So I brought them to work that day and gave everyone with kids two bottles and 6 container straws to take home and let their kids in on the enjoyment. Then everyone grabbed a straw and made one for themselves with all the other flavors. So many comments on how much fun it was and how many memories of the shore it brought to us. AWESOME CANDY! Some of the flavors didn’t match the description but were still tasty! In the end everyone had a favorite flavor. I have to say mine is tart apple with green apple ontop! My boyfriend says they all are his favorite. lol

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