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Candy Review: Rip Rolls

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Strawberry Rip Roll

Occasionally when I’m skulking around the candy section of a convenience store, a particular package will catch my eye. Often, what draws me is the flash of a brightly colored wrapper. Sometimes, it is because the candy is brand new to the familiar landscape of the aisle (like my newest obsession – the Indiana Jones’ Mint Chocolate Crisp M&Ms). But occasionally, I attribute my attraction to what can only be referred to as The Profound Gravitational Pull of Candy. This is how I discovered the Rip Roll.

Here’s the thing about The Profound Gravitational Pull of Candy. It doesn’t always mean true love. Am I pledging myself eternally to the Rip Roll? Certainly not. Do I understand why whatever higher power (or sugar craving) created and marketed this candy? Absolutely.

Rip Rolls come individually wrapped and are available in four flavors: strawberry, green apple, watermelon and blue raspberry. When I pulled off the exterior wrapper of my first Rip Roll, which was strawberry flavored, I was greeted with a single Rip Roll resting in a small plastic tray. I assume the purpose of this piece of plastic is to uphold the shape and integrity of the roll. It works. I placed the Rip Roll in the palm of my hand and I felt as though I had been presented with the most exquisite piece of candy on the planet. It looked magical. Were I five years old and opening this candy, you would be hard-pressed to convince me that it wasn’t invented by a unicorn, dragon, or Rapunzel. The pink whorl positively sparkles with sugar coating and this sugar is not just on the outside of the roll. Instead, it meticulously covers every inch of the advertised “forty inches of fun.”

I was thrilled by the appearance of the Rip Rolls, but I must admit, my first bite was slightly disappointing. The strawberry flavor is bright and tart and the candy has the pleasant consistency of a thick Fruit Roll-Up or a soft licorice. The sour sugar certainly enhanced the flavor and was fun to lick off of the roll. Don’t laugh until you try it! Though I initially noticed a pronounced chemical aftertaste, the odd flavor quickly faded and I went through a sour sugar-induced eating frenzy. Within an embarrassingly short period of time, the Rip Roll had been devoured.

I was disappointed that this is such a difficult candy to share. It is impossible to neatly rip the Rip Roll – instead, the candy stretches to almost absurd lengths before finally giving way to an explosion of glorious sour sugar. Yes, I secretly enjoyed being showered in sugary pixie dust, but it was a huge mess.

Unfortunately, I was only able to come by the strawberry and green apple flavors. I wasn’t particularly wowed by the green apple – it tasted like green apple and for some reason didn’t hold the same aesthetic appeal as the strawberry. But I must admit: I get a little pitter pattery in the chest when I think about opening up that first strawberry Rip Roll. That very well may make these a staple of my candy repertoire.

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8 Responses to “Candy Review: Rip Rolls”

  1. 1
    Vinny says:

    These seem good by the way you make them sound, I’ll be suire to try them.

  2. 2
    ali says:

    40 inches of fun?! wow…

  3. 3
    oakling says:

    i want to see a picture of the actual candy! cmon, don’t hold out on us :)

  4. 4
    candy lover says:

    Thanks for the update on Rip Rolls. I went out and bought one today at Rite Aid. Let the frenzy begin! I had been buying the bite size licorice that is strawberry and apple flavored in a Rips bag at Rite Aid and Walgreens. I’ve heard that you can also buy Rips Belts in a hanging bag. The belts also come in a nice plastic tray with cover which makes it a great snacking item. Does anyone know where you can by them?

  5. 5
    littlebilly says:

    In New York City most every Walgreens has a bag full of “Rips” that are wider thicker versions of Rip Rolls only instead of being 40 inches long they are about 3 inches long and one inch wide.

  6. 6
    Tom says:

    I think these are made by Fassin B.V. in The Netherlands. They also make Vimto rip rolls for Thornycroft Ltd in the UK. Vimto is a grape, raspberry and blackcurrant flavoured drink in the UK. The Vimto rip roll is a sour version of that flavour.

  7. 7
    lollirocks says:

    I can c why it’s called rip roll. It rips off fruit by the

  8. 8
    99losedodgers says:

    the blue razburry is good, tastes like sour candy straws

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