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Candy Giveaway: Sandy Candy Mega Paks for 12 Lucky Readers

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Sandy Candy
Remember sand art? Bottles and shapes filled with layers of colored sand? It always looked good enough to eat… and now you can with Sandy Candy aka Edible Sand Candy. Our friends over at Sandy Candy want to share their fun and tasty Sandy Candy with Candy Addict readers so they have donated 12 (yes, twelve) Mega Paks of Sandy Candy (each a $50 value) for us to give away! What’s in a Sandy Candy Mega Pak you ask?
Sandy Candy
Fifty 6-inch straws with caps and twenty small candy bottle full of Sandy Candy. Flavors of Sandy Candy included are:

  • Black Cherry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cherry Cola
  • Cherry Crème
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape
  • Green Apple
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon Lime
  • Orange Crème
  • Root Beer
  • Strawberry
  • Sweet Lemonade
  • Tangerine
  • Tart Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Wildberry
  • Wild Cherry

That’s enough Sandy Candy to have a great birthday party activity!

So, what do you have to do to get yourself a free Sandy Candy Mega Pak? This one’s easy… just compose an original poem about Sandy Candy and submit it as a comment on this post. Make it cute, funny, sad, or whatever you want (it doesn’t have to rhyme either – haikus are okay too). The 10 best Sandy Candy poem authors will receive a Sandy Candy Mega Pak. For those with less than stellar poetic skills, we’ll give two Mega Paks away to two random entrants – so enter even if you can’t figure out what ryhmes with “orange”. Be sure and use a real email address you check regularly so we can contact you if you win.

Contest ends May 8, 2008.

The fine print
Prize packs can be sent to US addresses only – no P.O. Boxes. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Offer void where prohibited. Not responsible for lost or misdirected e-mail. If you don’t reply to the winning email in 3 days your prize will be forfeit and we will choose another winner.

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47 Responses to “Candy Giveaway: Sandy Candy Mega Paks for 12 Lucky Readers”

  1. 1
    ButterflyKyss says:

    Here goes nothing :D

    Birthday Party

    Turning four
    is a boys’ delight
    your friends come over,
    and over cake you fight.

    “That corner piece is mine!”
    A child always shouts.
    Over a quick wrestling match,
    it is soon figured out.

    But this year,
    oh, the tables have turned
    now you are five
    and for the cotton candy sand you now yearn.

    So many other colors,
    and flavors of sand.
    But always that one flavor
    is in high demand.

    Rock, paper, scissors
    replaces the wrestling.
    But in the commotion,
    you seem to have missed something.

    Mom won a whole box!
    She was a true Candy Addict.
    She knew the fun you would have
    with that sand if you had it.

    So why now
    is the craft table barren?
    You all look around,
    and then you start staring.

    The birthday boy’s sister,
    so little and sweet.
    Every drop of that sand
    the dog helped her to eat.

  2. 2
    Sandy says:

    There once was a girl we’ll call Sandy
    Who liked to eat way to much candy
    She ate and she ate
    Locked jaws were her fate
    So she now only eats Sandy Candy!

  3. 3
    neko says:

    i’m not a poet
    so here’s my awesome haiku
    can i has sand plz?

  4. 4
    Cat Skyfire says:

    Look – Sandy Candy
    Delightful, artistic, sweet
    Tubes of sugared joy

  5. 5
    Krista says:

    Sugar so delicious, tangy
    Sweetly striped tubes of this goodness, oh joy!
    Candy, oh how I long for candy
    And this poem shall win it, yes that is my ploy
    The candy will creep to my door unsuspecting
    A present? For me? How sweet!
    And I’ll snatch it right quick,
    Ever so unrepenting
    Only clear tubes of plastic will remain of my treat

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    Sandy Candy oh so pretty
    Sandy Candy oh so sweet
    Sandy Candy after dinner
    Sandy Candy at the beach

    Sandy Candy is for sharing
    Sandy Candy is for all
    Thanks to those for sweetness caring
    Sandy Candy have a ball!

  7. 7
    amypaige says:

    Sandy Candy, so fun to create
    Sandy Candy, it’s so hard to wait
    To taste each creation
    So colorful and bright,
    I can’t stop designing,
    These patterns delight!

    Sandy Candy, the flavors are fun,
    From apple to cola
    There’s even bubble gum.

    It’s amusing to devise a pattern so clever
    That I just won’t stop,
    I’ll be up forever!

  8. 8
    Mike says:

    My poem is more free-form:

    When I was four years old
    I thought Lik-M-Aid was a drink mix
    I wasted a whole pouch
    pouring it into a glass of water

    When I was nine years old
    I snorted Pixy Stix powder
    It was a huge mistake
    and filled me with regret

    Today I am older
    Today I am wiser
    If I had Sandy Candy
    I would make a drink out of it and THEN snort it

    Only kidding
    I would eat it

    after I play with it
    those tubes look like fun.

  9. 9
    Stephanie Stempinski says:

    Sandy Candy is a pretty little treat
    My three-year-old would love to eat.
    She’s turning four in a coupla’ weeks
    And who wouldn’t want to put a smile on her cheeks.
    Just send the candy and you’ll make
    My redhead’s birthday party take the cake!

  10. 10
    Lori says:

    Sandy Candy is quite dandy,
    At birthday parties it comes in handy.

    Sweet or sour, berry or tart,
    Combining the flavors is a lost art.

    I how I love Sandy Candy flavors,
    To taste, play, lick and savor.

  11. 11
    maryA says:

    I wish I could win this candy!
    My sisters would think I’m quite dandy!
    They would make me share,
    But I wouldn’t really care.
    And all of it would soon disappear!

  12. 12
    Will says:

    Sugar slips slick through straws,
    Sand in a plastic hourglass.
    “Memento candi.”

  13. 13
    AntFan says:

    Oh Sandy Candy, your sugary grit is like music in my mouth,
    Your tangyness fills me with longing,
    Your variety is like an unsung song,
    You, Sandy Candy, are the sweet melody missing from my life.

  14. 14
    CandyLuvr says:

    Sandy Candy!

    Oh sweet and swirling sand,
    This ode doth go to you,
    A rainbow of amazing taste,
    A memory anew.

    That yummy, pouring river,
    To share with friends for fun,
    Or eat a little by yourself,
    Because there’d be a ton!

    So wow,
    How sweet,
    I’d like to eat,
    A mega-pack of it,
    Though most,
    Of course,
    Would go to friends,
    Or my jeans would hardly fit!

    Please give me the sandy candy! I only buy it once a year in a little store in California, and I didn’t even go to California last year, so I haven’t had ANY in nearly two years!!!!!

  15. 15
    CandyLuvr says:

    Ode to Sandy Candy

    Oh sweet and sugary delight,
    The melody of earth and life,
    You give a beautiful respite,
    To toils of days long.

    But hark, there’s more,
    This candy goes beyond just taste,
    For art within the tube is made,
    From flavors which are interlaced.

    Sweet Lemonade and Blue Rasberry,
    Bubble Gum, and wild cherry,
    Orange Creme, and Lemon Lime,
    Delicious flavors which might be mine!

    So hear my plea,
    And let me win,
    You’ll cause,
    A multitude of grins.

    My friends and I,
    Would our thanks say,
    For just one mega pack of sand,
    For which we didn’t have to pay!

  16. 16
    Spoodles says:


    The sun settles down on my sallow face.
    Surrounded by swarms of musclebound men
    mustering machismo and attracting
    any and all of the lovely ladies,
    bedecked in their blonde hair and bikinis.

    I–just I and the sand–watch wistfully
    while waves and women pass by the wayside.
    The seashore is not the place for someone
    as simple and scrawny as I. Instead
    it is a place for rippled romantics.

    My fanny-pack overflows with treats
    to curb my craving to flee to places
    far-off, dark and dank and depressing. I
    bury my bifocals in the latest,
    lamest bestseller from the New York Times.

    I head home hungry and beet-red from the
    beating sun. Sand–sand everywhere–in shoes
    and socks and shirts and slacks. I raid my room
    for bottles of brilliant and glorious
    granules of sweet, satisfying sugar.

    The only sand deserving of my time.

  17. 17
    Aaron says:

    Sugary Grains of colorful joy
    Into a tube, I start to employ
    My beautiful art that I so admire
    I have to admit, I hold for, desire.
    Hypnotically staring, I shudder to think
    What may happen next, as quick as a blink.
    Before my own eyes, the sand disappears
    To the top of my tongue, my art now adheres…

  18. 18
    Heather says:

    colorful striped tube
    made with crafty precision
    tastes sweet on my tongue

  19. 19
    Jgarrett says:

    For all sizes to enjoy
    For any girl or boy

    Sandy Candy is a treat
    For everyone to eat

    Night and Day
    It is a great way
    To make everyone enjoys their stay
    So, pickup Sandy Candy Today

    - personally I like Aaron’s. Very nicely done…
    Everyone is so cleaver. I have to think of better…

  20. 20
    Philly says:

    Jgarrett – I wonder if we are aloud to enter more then once, eep eep!

  21. 21
    Reptile Scout says:

    Sandy Candy, Andy, and Me

    What Sandy Candy comes, warned Andy, don’t parade about or bandy
    with the beakers, or the jars
    those seeking to take what is ours
    will know our acquisition.

    It’s not a problem, I told him
    I’ve made us reservations
    at an undisclosed location where we’ll stay with our provisions

    A secret hideout just to sit around an play with candy?
    I’ll have to think of some kind of excuse to tell my family…

    Just tell them you’ll be visiting with old friends.
    From, er…girl scout camp.

    Oh, ok.

    This is going to be so awesome.

    I’m going to make mine completely red.

    That’s boring. You’re supposed to use a bunch of different colors.

    Polychrome is really 2006. Mine’s just going to be simple. Red. Bold.

    Fine. The whole thing is gonna taste like cherry.

    A classic design choice updated for the new millennium.

    It’s 2008. The millennium is no longer the new millennium.

    Can you think of a newer one?


    Hey, the candy’s here!

    Yayyyyy! So long, suckers.

    Hellooooooooo, Sandy Candy

    (canned laughter)

  22. 22
    Michelle says:

    edible sand,
    quite yummy, not bland!
    twenty kinds in all,
    fill up 6 inches tall
    cherry to strawberry,
    apples’ green to tangerine,
    sandy candy,
    oh so dandy,
    you’ll have to try this,
    it’s rainbow bliss!

    -goodluck to all!-

  23. 23
    CandyLuvr says:

    Small,tiny grains of colored bliss,
    To you I owe my happiness,
    An artful form, of sugar sweet,
    A masterpiece I’d love to eat!

    So Brian if you have a heart,
    You’ll give me sand that’s sweet and tart,
    To me, award a mega pack,
    And fill the hole where candy lacks.

    Ps. I think the people who put the same poem twice should have one of the doubles deleted!!

  24. 24
    CandyLuvr says:

    sweet, scrumptious, messy,
    Art that brings back memories,
    My tongue is happy!

  25. 25
    CandyLuvr says:

    Rainbow candy,
    Yummy, sweet,
    A superb delight,
    For all to eat,

    Art that speaks,
    Of a bygone era,
    Memories of taste,

    Quite delicious,
    Sand that is divine,
    Now I’ve entered,
    Hope the candy’s mine!

  26. 26
    TwizzlerHiccup says:

    Sandy Candy

    To tell you the truth, I’d never had such
    As a whiff or a taste of this sandy candy “stuff”
    So how did it feel, was it creepy or scary,
    To eat sand that was flavored like grape, or black cherry?
    Well it was quite an experience, I’m not gonna lie
    Lemon lime was my favorite, though they’re all worth a try
    Why, even cherry cola was good…to a limit
    And if I had the chance, I’d try them all in a minute!
    This candy was delicious! A worthy invention
    And well worth the aftereffect of my sugar-high tension!

  27. 27
    Sarah says:

    Sandy Candy

    The boy was looking very mellow
    All because he didn’t have a treat
    But how about the awesome yellow,
    Sandy Candy that everyone can eat!

    The day was bright and the birds were singing
    The boy was thinking, and also dreaming
    About the competition of the Sandy Candy prize
    The dream of having the sweet toothed surprise

    His mouth was watering, over those amazing flavours
    Black Cherry, Bubble Gum, Grape and Cherry Creme
    All of the flavours running through his head,
    But oh no, his mum said it was finally time for bed

    The boy could not possibly sleep
    He was not good at poems, this made him weep
    But he was still going to try, just give it a shot
    He could not let go of the oppurtunity he finally got

    He stayed up all night, writing and thinking
    He was tired, but managed to keep blinking
    The boy finished the poem, and submitted it straight away
    All he had to do now was wait for that day

    He was nervous as ever, and had the shakes
    He couldn’t do anything, just had to take a break
    He couldn’t sleep, stayed up most of that night
    In the morning the alarm clock woke him with a fright

    Now he awaited, that instense day
    The day he would find out he had one the prize
    He had to admit, it was the happiest surprise of his life.

  28. 28
    Amanda says:

    Is it candy or is it art?
    A question that is asked
    Its not often they are combined
    But sandy candy is divine!

    So many colors
    And so many flavors
    This is a treat I’d love to try!
    I hope at least before I die!

    So I’ll make a rainbow
    Captured in a tube
    Perfect for sharing
    For your friends who are caring!

  29. 29
    angela henley says:


    I have a sweet tooth
    I cannot lie
    until I die

    they say Little girls are made of
    SUGAR and Spice
    I think it should be “sandy candy” instead
    but their words must suffice

    Oh the flavors that fill
    the wonderful straw
    I can’t decide on one
    I guess I’ll have them ALL

    Maybe I’ll mix them
    making my own recipe
    who knows I may get lucky
    and have a delicacy!

    I am wishing on my lucky star
    and lucky charm
    that I win this contest
    I really mean no harm

    Hmmmmm It seems I have gained
    a pound or two or three or four
    just looking at these sweets
    I will have to share them to fit out of the door

    OK OK I

  30. 30
    Carol Houseworth says:

    Sandy Candy Castle

    I’ll build a Sandy Candy castle,
    Just the way I want.
    A little purple here and there with a build-in restaurant,
    that caters to the king and queen,
    The flavors of their own,
    So they can lick the castle walls
    until they are all down.

    by Carol Ann Houseworth

  31. 31
    Dylan moran says:

    In my dreams crunch bars
    were dirt lolli pops where the
    flowers and m&ms were ants

    i walked to the pretzel trees
    it started to snow marshmallows
    i looked in to the sky and saw a
    starburst star and ice cream clouds

    leaves where chocolate chips and
    licorice birds nests where emapty

    then my mom woke me up for school

    If you dont like this poem then um… I WANT CANDY!!!!!!!please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32
    Dylan moran says:

    my brother and me really want to win this so like, my brother is dylan so just ummmm help a brother out please!!!!! Our parents dont ever buy candy so we have to suffer… dont you feel bad… LOL anyway heresIn my dream,

    stars were glowing in the sky.

    Marshmallows fell like

    snow falling.

    The sun rose and it was a beautiful day.

    Cotton candy were the clouds.

    I walk on and I saw

    graham cracker stepping stones.

    Lifesaver flowers rose from the ground.

    Long pretzels stood tall.

    I started to eat.

    I heard a sound.

    It sounded like my mom.

    I woke up, and said,

    “I don’t want to get up. I’m still eating!”
    my poem
    its kind of like my bro’s

  33. 33
    Amelia Grafas says:

    Summers Day She Goes Out To Play Looking For Something Neat,
    Down The Slide What A Suprise She Finds Something To Eat,
    Opens It Up What Is Inside Sandy Candy Oh I See,
    Colourful Candy Made Her Smile Candy Is Always The Key,
    Happiness Rises As The Sugar Rush Starts To Come,
    Sugar Left All Over Her Thumb,
    Making The Most Of It Eating Every Grain,
    Over And Over And Over Again,
    “I Miss The Sandy Candy I Would Like Some More”,
    She Has A Dollar 50 So She Goes To The Store,
    Another Yum Lollie That Is Not Like A Paste,
    I Hope I Win This Competition So I Can Have A taste.

  34. 34
    hagirl62 says:

    Sandy Candy you seem so sweet
    but i gotta watch it
    cause all them calories
    will go to my feet
    swishie swashie my legs are so heavy
    i can’t lift myself up to get in my Chevy.
    Sandy Candy my eyes are so blind
    your candy is to desire
    and loves my behind!

  35. 35
    Vic Martin says:

    One day at the beach,and when I feel beat,I dream of a candy concoction.One made of yummy sweet sand,and tastes not too bland,and feels me up with joy.Flavors of cotton with buttons of sugar,and of bubbkegum,oh yum yum! And,if you will please,give me this sweet treat,I will dream a very sweet dream!

  36. 36
    Karena Ball says:

    Sweet and sour Sandy Candy
    Slides down to my tongue.
    From front to back and side to side
    My mouth has lots of fun!

    Sour here and sour there, then
    Just a bit of sweet.
    What will come next? Oh what the heck,
    I’ll make just one more treat.

    First pour red and then pour green
    Purple, blue then white
    I’m going crazy! Someone save me!
    I could pour this stuff all night!

    Where was this stuff when I was a kid?
    Sandy candy! What a treat!
    It looks like sand and Man oh Man
    Its so much fun to eat!

  37. 37
    angela says:

    Sandy Candy its for me
    at work at home at play
    i love to eat it every day.

    Sandy Candy always a good snack
    i can eat pack after pack

    Sandy Candy not just for kids to eat
    its for teens and adults of all ages and what a treat.
    i pass it out to everyone i meet

  38. 38
    brenda butler says:

    icky sticky,gooey treats
    sandys candy cant be beat
    yummy yummy candy cream
    makes me dream and dream and dream
    lick my fingers,and my thumb
    my eyes are bigger than a drum
    the more i eat the more i crave
    and sandys candy is all the rave.

  39. 39
    cheryl says:

    candy is dandy
    sugar is sweet
    sandy candy
    what a treat

  40. 40
    K K says:

    I love sandy candy sweet,
    Like necter to the bees that eat,
    It fills me up, and’s colored neat,
    An interesting designer treat,

    It’s scrumptious, yummy and delish,
    A sandy thing which I quite miss,
    So please send me one or two,
    My pounds will gain a few!

    We can enter more than once right? as long as they’re different poems?

  41. 41
    micheal moran says:

    sweet sweet gumdrops lollipops snowdrops slopplops bakeshops on treetops milksops soda pop co-op coin drop on a table top rooftop candy shop.sandy candy yummy tummi smoshi smushi in my tummi.suggary grains of yummy delight to eat until midnight write on site.

    black cherry, blueberry and many more a sandy delight in an airtight tube.cherry cola, cotton candy, fruit punch, grape and crepe it looks almost like a SANDSCAPE.watermelon wild cherry root beer and bam, sandy candy is such a sweet treet

    we look we search in hope of joy snickers?oreos?none go pasing by our eyes. so in seach of a treat please one pack of sandy candy to eat!!!!!!!!
    micheal moran

  42. 42
    CPHS MASCOT says:

    hey there i am the mascot and i love candy i am the sweet touth in my family i eat non stop yet i have a high matabalism so i can eat and not gain weight i actually lose weight and i am tall and skinny so it is hard to gain it back i am a freshman i am in love with candy omg cant say it enough i would gladly take all the free candy i can get i am also a family of 8 and we have to share all our stuff so this would be a great opportunity for me to get the sand candy cuz there is enough to go around thanxs guys for having this oppurtunity

    its a great honnor

  43. 43
    candy lover says:

    hey guys i am here to say that all these people claimin to love candy dont know love i have saved candy for a year just to eat it on days i dont have it so i would love to have this candy so i can have it for a while man please i pray to you that you give me that candy

    Thank you if i win and if i dont i will be so devistated

  44. 44
    john v says:

    We searched the MILKY WAY to find the perfect birthday gift for you. We heard SNICKERS when we phoned the famous jewler, MR. GOODBAR of FIFTH AVENUE, New YORK for your gift because we didn’t have $100 GRAND to spend. He was a real LIFESAVER and sent a dazzling WHATCHAMACALLIT but we had BUTTERFINGERs and broke it. We were feeling an ecomomic CRUNCH and PAYDAY was weeks away, so we couldn’t afford to replace it. ZERO doesn’t buy much. Anyhow, we think you’re really special, and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday with MOUNDS of love and Hugs & KISSES! From the
    GOOBERS or

  45. 45
    danielle prunier says:

    sandy candy your so sweet,
    sour and yummy,
    good and neat,
    candy rocks melt on my tounge,
    sandy candy your the one,
    im hooked on you,
    no other candy is just like you,
    your delisose times 52,
    when i eat you sparks will fly,
    to you all never have to say good by,
    Ill buy you every single day,
    tell i have money no more,
    sandy candy your the best,
    your the best out of all the rest,
    i eat ou every day and night,
    sandy candy your out of sight

  46. 46
    Mollyejo says:

    Sandy Candy,
    the edible art!
    Yummy fun for the young
    and the young at heart.

    Pick a flavor!
    Choose a hue!
    Green apple green
    Blue raspberry blue

    So many choices!
    Layer 2, 4, or 10.
    Eat it all up…
    and then start again!

  47. 47
    sam says:

    Sandy Candy,
    so good to eat!

    Sandy Candy,
    the perfect treat!

    Sandy Candy,
    party favors!

    Sandy Candy,
    tons of flavors!

    fun and fruity,
    tart and sweet.
    Sandy Candy
    can’t be beat!

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