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Four more Candy Addicts join the staff

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Recently, we put out a call for more writers and we stopped taking applications after three days when we had 50 applications. After a grueling application and interview process, four writers stood out from the rest and were offered positions on our staff. So, I’d like to introduce you to the newest Candy Addicts: Julie, Lance, Marcella, and Monica…


Hey there, fellow Candy Addicts, I’m Julie, and I’m thrilled to have joined the Candy Addict staff! I’ve always been the one who not only has candy, but knows where to get the newest, coolest or oddest candy to share. (Well, OK, sometimes I don’t share, is that so bad? Besides, that’s kinda par for the course for a true Candy Addict). I’ve been obsessed with candy since I was a tot (some would use that phrase and think it unhealthy, I beg to differ); my mom says once I started walking, I wouldn’t stay out of the candied ginger jar she had on the living room coffee table. I still love that stuff as well as everything else; I will seek out candy (and dessert) first no matter where I am! Aside from my never-ending quest for candy from anywhere in the known Universe, I am a professional musician who sings and plays a variety of instruments. I’m also an artist and all-round creative type who loves to be spontaneous & adventurous and who lives by two mottos: “Eat dessert first, that way you always have room for it,” and “If it’s not fun, I don’t wanna do it!”


Greetings everyone! I’m a big Candy Addict fan and I’m thrilled to be joining the site as a contributing writer. Candy has always been an interest of mine, particularly seeking out and trying new and different types of candy. Whether it’s something unusual and new or just a strange variant of an established favorite, my palate has always been ready to try out new things. I’m eagerly looking forward to writing about new candy discoveries as well as reminiscing about candy I loved as a kid that is no longer available to the public at large.


Hello everyone! My name is Marcella and I’m a total Candy Addict. Although I’ve tried to give up candy in the past (the horror), I now understand that completely restricting myself from the universe’s greatest creation is illogical and wrong. Instead, I incorporate candy into my lifestyle—I recently ran my first marathon while carrying a stash of Swedish Fish.

I currently work for a non-profit organization and I am also a fiction writer. In addition to all things candy, I enjoy riding my bicycle along country roads, gambling, experimenting in the kitchen, talking to strangers, drinking beer and playing with my fluffy dog. Although she cannot eat chocolate, her favorite candies include red gummi bears and Nerds.

I’m definitely excited about writing for Candy Addict and look forward to including you all on my upcoming candy adventures!


Working in a candy store (as well as a book store and movie theater) has long been a small fantasy of mine. So what can I say about a gig that sends me candy, lets me write about it, and then – to top it off – gives me small sums of money in exchange for the service? Sometimes you just have to compromise. I have a real history with candy, though; me and candy, we go way back. In my youth, after my father moved out of state, he frequently sent goody-filled packages to my brother, sister, and me. Naturally, this taught me one lesson: Candy + UPS = Love

So my affinity for sweets is no real surprise. (And it sure beats a fetish for men in tight brown shorts.) Back in those naive days, I think yellow Starbursts were among my favorites (I’ve since seen the error of my ways, as red is clearly the superior Starburst), but intensely dark chocolate is my true confectionery love. I balance my rabid candy consumption by otherwise adhering to a strict organic vegan diet (not really, but I’m entirely amused by the idea), and when my hand’s not in the candy dish it can usually be found around a cereal bowl; I’m a pathological Cereal Dater and write all about my adventures on my blog, Chex and the City.

Look for contributions from the newbies soon – they’re still getting up to speed. I’ll be adding them to the Candy Addict staff page soon and have already added them to the Candy Addict staff map.

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6 Responses to “Four more Candy Addicts join the staff”

  1. 1
    Breanna says:

    Welcome, Candy Brethren!

  2. 2
    Philly says:

    **big hug for the new writers** ^_^

  3. 3
    Elise says:

    Happy easter

  4. 4
    Jgarrett says:

    Welcome new writers, this is great news! That means more candy shall be revealed for our sweet minds. Welcome and I can’t wait to read your reviews.

  5. 5
    Marilyn says:

    So glad you’ve all joined the staff at Candy Addicts! Since Julie first emailed me about it, I’ve been back every day to read more reviews and salivate over the content! Which reminds me… my first actual paying job WAS as a candy girl at the Allyn movie theater in Hartford, CT! I lied and said I was 2 years older than I was, because I really wanted to have a job and earn money… and of course, I LOVED candy!! (although they monitored the candy – we could have as much popcorn and lemonade as we wanted, though!) Good luck to you all and I’m looking forward to reading every sweet word you write! XO – Marilyn

  6. 6
    Diana says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to your posts. :)

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