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Candy Review: Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon

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Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon
Leave it to the Japanese to invent candies that enhance your brain power! It may sound too good to be true, but don’t you think it’s worth having a little faith about them? After all, what Candy Addict wouldn’t love candies that make him smarter? These Shigekix hard gummi sour candies contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is supposed to give your brain a little kick.

Our pals at Jbox were generous enough to send me a box of the Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon to review. I must say I believe I like these Shigekix candies a lot more than Brian liked the three Shigekix flavors he reviewed two years ago.

The gummis are quite small individually, with each gummi not exceeding an inch in height. The outer coating is a crunchy, sugary one that provides a nice, crisp bite. Inside is a rather hard gummi. It won’t break your teeth, but you really have to put your jaw to work and chew with determination to soften it up. There is a definite sour sensation once you bite into candy, but it is not face-scrunchingly sour. The gummis leave a nice, citrusy aftertaste. I can’t say that my brain power felt enhanced in any way, but I do think my life is better now that I have experienced these tasty little candies!

Shigekix come in a number of flavors and incarnations, including grape, ume (Japanese plum), cola, ramune, and seaweed. Here at Candy Addict we’re all dying to know how the seaweed ones measure up… but not enough to risk it ourselves!

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One Response to “Candy Review: Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon”

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    Kirsten says:

    just so you know… I bought the seaweed ones for my sister. She said they tasted like tar and would not even let me try one. I believed her.

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