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Candy Review: Sweet Earth SLO Chai Chocolate

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Sweet Earth SLO Chai Chocolate Coins

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Valentines Day I immediately think of chocolate! Chocolates of all sizes, colors and flavors adorn shelves at the local stores, but I have to admit, this year I found the selection disappointing. Where were the new, exciting chocolates released specifically for this special day for (chocolate) lovers? I finally found the unique chocolate that I was looking for: the new SLO Chai Chocolate from Sweet Earth Chocolate.

Sweet Earth and SLO Chai are companies that are dedicated do-gooders: both produce fair trade certified and organic treats at their factories located in beautiful San Louis Obisbo, California. These SLO Chai Chocolates marry Sweet Earth’s 65% bittersweet chocolate and SLO Chai’s delicious chai to make one lovely treat that will surely add some spice to your Valentines Day.

You can purchase these limited edition chocolates on the Sweet Earth website. And to make it all a little sweeter for everyone, one dollar of every sale of the SLO Chai Chocolates sold before Valentines Day will get donated to the non-profit Project Hope and Fairness charity. It just goes to show you don’t have to be in a couple to share the love!

Sweet Earth SLO Chai Chocolate

The chocolate discs come in either red or gold foil and are very attractive to look at. Unwrapped, they are very dark in color with a subtle sheen and curved lines decorating the top. The smell is very light; I only get notes of the ginger and pepper but overall it does read of “chai” to me. The chocolate has a good snap when bitten into which was very satisfying. The texture is nice and smooth but the chai does add a grittiness to it which makes me want to prematurely chew as opposed to savoring the flavor. Still, I tried my hardest to ignore my urge and let the chocolate melt in my mouth so the flavors could develop.

The chai flavors come forward immediately and you really notice the ginger above all the other spices, so much so that the flavor reads “gingerbread” to me more than “chai.” You hardly taste the chocolate since it sits behinds the spices and it only really comes forward at the end where it adds a subtle cocoa flavor. The overall flavor experience is very mild; even the chocolate is not very sweet. I do enjoy the mildness of the spices since I think any more of them would make for an unpleasant mouth burn.

If you’re a fan of chai or eager to try it for the first time, I’d recommend that you check these out. The Sweet Earth SLO chai chocolates will satisfy the craving for something exotic and unique with authentic flavors and ingredients that you and your special someone can feel good about. With these tasty treats you can say “I Love You” to the environment too.

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