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An Inconvenient Truth: Conversation Hearts Go Enviro!

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Necco Sweethearts
You know going green and environmentally conscious has hit the big time when it starts to affect our classic candy traditions. Necco’s Sweethearts conversation hearts have different themed slogans for each year, usually based on what is happening in American culture. Last year they appealed to our love of animals, this year it’s all about the weather with sayings including “Cloud Nine” “Heat Wave” “Get My Drift” and “Melt my Heart.”

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with Sweethearts. Everyone buys them for the novelty value, the tradition, and the entertainment they provide… but you may be hard pressed to find someone who actually enjoys eating them (except for our own Caitlin, of course, who actually likes conversation hearts). While not one of my absolute favorites, this year’s weather and environment based sayings make me love them just a bit more. Who hasn’t been “In A Fog” about a loved one, or wanted to say “Chill Out” to a former boyfriend?

In addition to the weather phrases Necco has added some environmentally friendly ones, including my personal favorite, “Do Good.” Obviously “commit random acts of kindness” was just too long to fit on a conversation heart. I suppose it’s true that love, much like the weather, is a bit unpredictable – hence why these new hearts are the perfect sweet present for your very own El Nino/Nina.

Valentine, Necco, heart

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3 Responses to “An Inconvenient Truth: Conversation Hearts Go Enviro!”

  1. 1
    JEP says:

    Only like conversation hearts from non-edible nostalgic perspective:)

  2. 2
    M says:

    I love the NECCO candy hearts and wafers! Must be the rare exception.

  3. 3
    joanne says:

    i totally agree these candys are gross and digusing. the phases in the out hand are some what cute. they should improve their recipe but then again we would be killing tradition

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