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PEZ for Pets – Dog Treat Dispenser

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PEZ for Pets

Gone are the days when a t-shirt or other non-edible item with a candy logo was a rare find. I can walk through almost any major store now and find something with a candy theme – scarves, pillows, even dog treats. Is it licensing overkill, or just good fun? I’m still on the fence, but I have to admit, I was thrilled to find the new over-sized PEZ dog treat dispensers (made by Pet-Riffic) at Walgreens.

I wasn’t happy just because one of the varieties is a Smiling Beagle, and I have a beagle. I was thrilled because the product actually mimics a real PEZ dispenser. So, I guess for me, when the non-candy item is reasonably representative of the original, I’m fine with it. The price on the Walgreens display as well as the price on the box said $9.99, but when it was rung up at the register, the total before tax was only $5.99, and the receipt said “SALE” next to “PEZ for Pets.”

I was pleasantly surprised, and briefly entertained by the idea of buying another dispenser as a collector’s item, until I realized I’d spent a good portion of my weekend building an outdoor shed because my living quarters are too full of stuff already. For you collectors out there though, each dispenser goes for $20 at the PEZ Collector’s Store.

PEZ for Pets treats

The dog treat PEZ dispenser works just like the candy version, and in addition to the Smiling Beagle, comes in the Toothy St. Bernard style. You load the stem with the included dog treats, slide the contraption back together, and pull up on the dog’s head to dispense the goodies.

PEZ for Pets loaded

As for the quality of the included snacks, I didn’t taste them, but canine taste-testers Jessie and Otis seemed to love them. The snacks smelled rancid and are made of yucky ingredients (corn starch, rice starch, sorbitol, maltose, and artificial flavors), but the dogs devoured them. The treats did have to be removed from the dispenser and fed by hand, but the dogs didn’t seem to mind.

PEZ for Pets eating

There are only six bone-shaped dog treats in each package. I found some refills for the dispenser on eBay, but, I’d rather not give my pups more of those nasty-smelling snacks. Novelty is fun, but I think I’d prefer to give the guys something that at least has real meat in the ingredients. I don’t need any more Candy Addicts competing with me in the house!

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10 Responses to “PEZ for Pets – Dog Treat Dispenser”

  1. 1
    JGarrett says:

    When I get my beagles I will buy them each a pez dispenser. Those are so cute and creative. I do have to agree, sometimes they just push the envelope too far and are just trying to make a penny. I don’t think this is though, lots of people love their pets enough to buy them wacky cute things. I believe this is a great find, thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Doggiewoggie says:

    Wow, this is so cute! I definitely have to get one of these. I bet my dog will love it :) and if she doesn’t care, I love it.

  3. 3
    D Warren says:

    I bought a Dog Treat Dispenser and a couple packs of treats from Wal-Greens and went back later to buy more only to discover they don’t have any more and have no plans to.

  4. 4
    D Warren says:

    Where can I find the pez pet re-fill treats, I can’t find them at Wal-Greens now?

  5. 5
    Ana says:

    I haven’t found refills, either. I’m saving this for our dog’s Christmas, hoping to find refills before them. Someone elsewhere said that Milkbone Puppy Treats fit the dispenser. Has anyone here tried that?

  6. 6
    diane says:

    i will have to buy this for my bichon , she loves every thing !

  7. 7
    Phil Urick says:

    I do not believe that there are refills available. I have e mailed, called and faxed Pet-fiffic, they do nor answer, return calls or e mails. Their fax number published does not work. Beware butinf a new Pez for Pets dispenser, once the package is gone, NO MORE Available !!!

  8. 8
    Vicky says:

    i saw the refills just yesterday at wal-greens

  9. 9
    Tracy says:

    ihave tried the milk bone puppy biscuits and they do fit in the Pez for Pet dispenser.

  10. 10
    Tom says:

    Please be advised, this product is being revived. The current manufacturer has switched to a U.S. source for the treats, the formula has been changed to all natural ingredients. You should see the dispensers and the refills at Walgreens over the holidays.

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