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Candy Review: Snickers Nut ‘n Butter Crunch

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Snickers Nut 'n Butter Crunch

It’s not an everyday event that a new limited edition slips by me. I’m always searching for what the companies are coming out with next. Which is why I was so surprised to walk into my local convenience store and see a Snickers staring at me with a bright and different wrapper. It’s too bad no one with me had a camera, because the double take I made was nothing short of cinematic. How could a new Snickers show up without me knowing about it first?

The new candy on the block is Snickers Nut ‘n Butter Crunch. The wrapper is a bright red-orange with the description: “milk chocolate, peanuts and creamy peanut butter taste.” Sounds interesting! The aroma hints that there’s lots of peanut butter in there. It smells like a Reese’s: sweet chocolate and a salty roasted peanut butter aroma.

Biting into it I was more eager to see a cross-section than the taste. Interesting… they removed the caramel entirely. The peanut butter has been mixed in with the nougat and as a result it’s very very dense and chewy. The pieces of peanuts feel larger, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a normal snickers, so it’s hard to say.

How does it taste? Well, like a Snickers still… even though two of the main components have been tampered with. I think it’s because the bar doesn’t taste of peanut butter… just more like the actual flavor of the peanuts have been enhanced. There’s more of a salty kick here (since the sweet caramel isn’t there to override it anymore) and the milk chocolate coating still holds its own.

I enjoyed this bar, even though I was expecting more of a peanut butter taste from it. It’s a nice, more nutty and powerful tasting bar. Is it possible that because of the strong peanut presence, Snickers is even more satisfying than ever? You’ll only know if you give it a try yourself!

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4 Responses to “Candy Review: Snickers Nut ‘n Butter Crunch”

  1. 1
    JEP says:

    Mmmm…I will be looking for one of these bars–thanks for the heads-up!

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Funny, two days ago (on my way back from renting the entire second season of “LOST” to indulge in over the New Year’s downtime), I popped into the local convenience store chain here, Circle K, and had the same exact experience!

    There, on a top shelf, right at primo eyeball height for me, was this bright red SNICKERS and of course I reached for it, just like a baby goes for the bright and shiny stuff. Yup, I’m just like that with candy…and immediately bought it, got back in the car and bit into it before even putting my seat belt on. YUM!

    I was a little disappointed in the missing caramel since I’m such a big caramel lover, but the bar was really good, with just enough of a peanut butter taste to complement, but not overpower, the rest of what SNICKERS means to me: chewy, chocolatey candy bar satisfaction. It’s always had the right amount of “chew” for me, and though the Nut n’ Butter is a more dense chew, it was wonderful and a great candy bar discovery!

    I hope this is a Limited Edition that sticks around; I like it a lot better than the Almond SNICKERS, which never really grabbed me like this one does.

    (And here I was, signing on today to shoot y’all an email asking if you’d review this new bar; I even saved the wrapper to reference it so I’d get the name right!).

  3. 3
    amypaige says:

    i saw these at my local walgreen’s and bought one. well…it tastes basically like a snickers, but without the good texture. it’s like they replaced 2/3 of the nuts with peanut butter. this bar just wasn’t that chewy or crunchy. still satisfying (i did finish the entire bar), but i miss the crunch of the nuts and the chewy-ness of the caramel. i’ll stick to regular snickers for now. i’m waiting to try the new caffeinated snickers: snickers charged. :)

  4. 4
    Vicky B. says:

    I love this bar so much I e-mailed Mars to see if they plan on keeping it around (no.)

    I’ve only seen it at two local stores around me and I completely bought the entire box (in about three trips).

    I like that it features my favorite part of a Snickers bar, the peanut with just a little more peanut buttery taste so that it’s not like a Reese’s.

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