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Candy Review: Chewy Lemonhead & Friends

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Chewy Lemonheads
Given that they were “born” in 1962, Lemonheads have aged pretty well. However, the iconic candy from Ferrara Pan has had a bit of a make-over. Along with his friends Orangehead, Applehead, Grapehead and Cherryhead, they’ve all gone chewy! I had high hopes for this candy re-invention, as I’ve always loved Lemonheads and I figured this could only be an improvement. It brings me great joy to report that the chewy version is just as nice as the classic version.

Lemonhead tasted exactly as his non-chewy counterpart, which was a nice surprise. Too often the candy companies make a change to a classic candy only to have its why-we-like-it mojo disappear completely.

Orangehead was a bit like a ball of Tang, which I’ve previously mentioned that I used to eat out of the jar. This one came in a clear second in the taste stakes.

Applehead has a nice artificial apple-y flavor, but isn’t terribly exciting. I loved the color, though!

Grapehead was perhaps the most disappointing of the flavors. It was nice, but just sort of sweet and not particularly grape-ish. However, it was great with a Lemonhead as a mash-up.

Cherryhead was not unlike a fruit punch flavor, or like the syrup you get at the bottom of a sno-cone when the ice has melted. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Lemonhead and his mates all had nice bright colors and were fun to eat – if nothing else I liked sneaking them out of my backpack for random hits of sweet/sour goodness! The texture reminded me a little bit of Mentos, with a slightly harder outer shell which gives way to a slightly waxy, squishy interior. Cheap to buy, small enough to keep in your pocket and with just the right sourness, Chewy Lemonheads and Friends is one I would gladly buy again.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Chewy Lemonhead & Friends”

  1. 1
    Breanna says:

    Did Cherry Clan get a PC makeover? Are they calling them “Cherryheads” now? That’s a bummer.

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Man, I am such a lemon anything addict, but especially the more tart, the better, and Lemonheads have always been a favorite, especially when I’d get one that’d be really chewy…god, I loved those! These “new guys” sound like my DREAM LEMON CANDY! And I’m hip to the TANG-eating since I’d still do it if I ever remembered to actually buy the stuff, so I’ll love Orangeheads, I know. I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for this box of happiness!

    Speaking of candy happiness, I just had to share that I just indulged in two fabulous favorite candy bars (and yes, both one right after the other, this IS Candy ADDICT!): Toffee Crisp and Violet Crumble. I’d not had the Toffee Crisp before and was really happy and impressed with the whole thing. Violet Crumbles have been a fave for decades. Mmmmm. I can now go to bed.

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