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Candy Review: X-it Sugar-free Gum, Mints, and Bonbons

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X-it Sugarfree Gum Peppermint

If I’ve learned anything about gum recently it’s this: gum isn’t just for chewing anymore. No, nowadays it freshens your breath, entertains your taste buds, even sends caffeine coursing through your system. X-it Sugarfree is no exception. In addition to X-it Sugarfree Gum, I also received several different types of mints and bonbons. I have enough gum and mints to keep my breath fresh for a decade.

What’s my favorite thing about these X-it products? Honestly, its the packaging. Each product comes in an attractive tin that tucks easily into your purse or pocket, guarding the lining against spillage. Even better, the tiny mints come in tins with black plastic lining that dispenses a couple at a time – even more protection against spillage!

X-it Sugarfree Gum Spearmint: Each piece of this gum is about the size of an aspirin, but twice as thick. Its appearance doesn’t convey much – it’s white but mottled, with sporadic green flecks. It looks old, which isn’t very appetizing. And when you bite into it, it almost seems crumbly for a minute, but it exudes a delicious spearmint flavor that lasts about as long as you feel like chewing it. That isn’t necessarily very long, though. The longer you chew it, the more rough the texture grows. Too bad, because my taste buds dig this gum!

X-it Sugarfree Energy Gum: Pop one into your mouth and you’re rewarded a tiny tinge of sweet, a tiny tinge of bitter, and then EWW. Salty cough syrup flavor! I’ve got to spit this out, you think, but you’re a candy reviewer and you’ve got to give it a shot, so you keep on chewing. Candy Addicts must make sacrifices! And it gets better. After ten or so chews, the bitterness dissolves and you’re left with a sweet but not very memorable bit of gum.

X-it Sugarfree Gum Peppermint: It’s about as ugly as the spearmint-flavored gum, but this one hits you with the cool, spicy sensation of intense peppermint. And if you try it right after you chew some of the energy gum, it gives your taste buds a welcome sense of release. Still, I’m having problems with the gum’s texture. It doesn’t pair well with its flavor longevity.

X-it Ice Mint with Guarana: I received two different tins of these mints. One tin had aspirin-sized mints, while the other had tiny mints 1/3 the size of the first. These taste like cough drops. Strong, overpowering cough drops. They’re intensely minty and, if they don’t make everyone around you think you’re sick, have a good chance of freshening your breath at least a little bit. But I just can’t get over the strong, almost eucalyptus taste of these mints. At least I can’t taste the tell-tale Red Bull flavor that seems to accompany any mint or gum containing guarana!

X-it Energy Mint with Guarana: Oh, these make up for the Ice Mint’s lack of Red Bull Taste. It’s bitter, strong and overpowering. These are also aspirin-sized, and I almost wish they were tiny, because I can’t imagine keeping one in my mouth long enough for the whole thing to dissolve.

X-it Lemon Mints Sugarfree with Green TeaX-it Sugarfree Lemon Mints with Green Tea: This tastes like industrial strength cleaning agents. Lemon-flavored ones. I had high hopes for a lemon-flavored mint, too. What a disappointment!

X-it Sugarfree Lemon Bonbons: X-it’s lemon bonbons (hard candy to us Americans) also come in a handy, cute tin, and each lemon bonbon is opaque white and a little bigger than a multivitamin. I can’t really smell anything when I open the tin, and my first taste of the bonbon is a little underwhelming. The lemon flavor isn’t very strong – in fact, it’s particularly subtle. At first, all I can taste is the bittersweet aspartame used to sweeten the bonbon, but that soon fades away and leave me with a mildly disappointing lemon candy.

In a nutshell, the packaging is great, but the candy fails to deliver. If it tastes good it looks funny, and if it looks normal then it tastes like cleaning products. I think X-it has a good start, but it seems like their products need to spend a little more time being perfected in focus groups before they’re unleashed on the public.

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: X-it Sugar-free Gum, Mints, and Bonbons”

  1. 1
    Valeria says:

    I am a big fan of X-it strong mints (black tin) and I cannot find them anywhere! any web suggestions??


  2. 2
    mackenzie says:

    can you tell me what gum last longer sugar or sugar free?

  3. 3
    Robert says:

    hi, i am addicted to these x-its and i cant find them anyware now, if there a website that is fairly cheap were i can get them?

  4. 4
    patrick says:

    I have heard about your x-its gum. can you list any of the stores that carry your products

  5. 5
    Robert says:

    Hello I am also seaching for the x-its in the black tin they are great but very hard to find. Can anyone help me find a supply of them?

  6. 6
    ciara says:

    at walmart dude

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