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Candy Review: Nestle Crunch Crisp

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Nestle Crunch Crisp

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I am twenty-six years old. The candies I love, however, are often significantly older than I am, even older than my parents, and, in some cases (what up, Tootsie Roll?) older than my grandparents as well. I suppose it’s easy to take the classics for granted, with so many new and delicious treats pouring onto the shelves each year, but I’m embarrassed to admit that my excitement for new and limited-edition candies had actually caused me to forget how much I loved the Nestle Crunch bar.

How could I forget the greatness of the Nestle Crunch? The crisped rice and milk chocolate bar to end all crisped rice and milk chocolate bars! The A-Team to Krackel’s B-Team! The bar that Peter Venkman rewards Egon Spengler with in Ghostbusters! Oh, sweet scary Zuul, how could such a thing have happened?

There are times when the universe comes together to shake the Crunch-neglecting sleep from your eyes. My time came today, when I opened a brand-new Nestle Crunch Crisp bar, and instantly fell back in love. The Crunch Crisp is absolutely delicious.

Composed of thin vanilla wafers filled with milk chocolate creme and coated in traditional Nestle Crunch fashion, the Crunch Crisp is at once familiar and new, a combination of cookie and candy that provides a unique munching sensation while still retaining the thick top layer of milk chocolate and crisped rice coating that is unmistakably Crunch.

A Crunch/wafer combination isn’t terribly new: Nestle has attempted this before, with their Crunch Stixx product. Unlike the Crunch Stixx, however, which, as Brian notes, are similar to Piroulines, the Nestle Crunch Crisp stays true to its candy bar predecessor in all its rectangular glory, thanks to a thick layer of classic Crunch coating that lines the top of the bar.

It would have been easy for Nestle to skimp on the top layer of Crunch coating, but they don’t, opting instead to provide a generous amount of classic Crunch flavor. This is extremely important, as many candy bars are expanding their lines without really staying true to the original. It is clear that the Nestle Crunch Crisp was developed with a great deal of respect toward the classic bar and its fans, which I appreciate.

The wafer cookie component of the bar is quite tasty. The wafers are light, crisp, and fresh, with a delicate vanilla flavor that complements the thin layers of chocolate creme filling. The filling is milky and perfectly proportioned: it remains within the cookie and does not overpower the overall chewing experience.

The bar is also perfectly named: between the rice coating and the wafer filling, there are multiple levels of crispy, crunchy, chocolately goodness going on here, which makes his bar a really great snacking experience.

Oh, Nestle Crunch. Can you ever forgive me? I know it’s been a while, and I’ve been cheating on you with various peanut butter products, but now that the Nestle Crunch Crisp has found its way into my life, I promise I’ll never forget you again. I’m even going to give you the Awesomely Addictive Award, because, as Venkman says to Spengler when handing him a Nestle Crunch bar, “You’ve earned it.”

PS: The Nestle Crunch Crisp Website is currently giving away free candy bar coupons to the first 2000 people who log on between 9-5 p.m. PST daily, while supplies last!

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13 Responses to “Candy Review: Nestle Crunch Crisp”

  1. 1
    Sera says:

    Did you notice the coating is mockolate? :/

  2. 2
    Beck says:

    Mockolate or not, I thought it was great! I agree with the Awesomely Addictive award. A new favorite (to add to the growing list of favorites). Hooray!

  3. 3
    Jamie says:

    I loved the coating! I’m completely addicted to these things. I just picked up a bag of fun-sized bars to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Okay, I bought a few bags. You never know how many trick-or-treaters you’re gonna get, and I’m sure *someone* will be able to handle the leftovers. :)

  4. 4
    Chase says:

    I must concur. They were selling them 3 for a dollar at our grocery store, so I bought some and gave one to my roommate. Delicious. I went back a few days ago and they were 4 – yeah FOUR – for a dollar. I love you, Nestle. If they are still that price when I go to the store today, my house may turn out to be quite popular on Halloween.

  5. 5
    Carrie says:

    I got one of these with the free coupon deal (yay!) and agree that it was pretty tasty. I did feel it was missing something though…after dipping it in a little peanut butter it was perfection!

  6. 6
    Michelle says:

    Just like the Butterfinger Crisps, these quickly became a favorite of mine. They aren’t the easiest things to find where I live so I’m always keeping my eye out of them. Our local grocery store had fun size bags for $1.66 so I bought several bags so I don’t have to worry about running out. Hopefully they will stock them in more places soon.

  7. 7
    Justin says:

    Yum! just had one tonight. These are definitely worthy of the Awesomely Addictive Award.

  8. 8
    Sass says:

    I love chocolate, I´m addicted to it, but I don´t really like Crunch that much… until I tried the crunch crisp, it´s amazing!!! so yummy.

  9. 9
    Kat says:

    I happened to take what i thought was a ‘crunch’ bar from my advisor’s candy dish today. I opened it as i walked outside, expecting the normal crunch of a crunch bar. But what i got instead, was a mouth full of wafer. Yes, until today, i had not known about the new crunch bars existence. I hesitated, not expecting the texture or vanilla flavor, and then…delicious. I think this new Crunch crisp has just moved up 10′s on my favorite candy list.

  10. 10
    Val says:

    These are AMAZING! Finally, a commercial candy bar that isn’t overly sweet! Just creamy and crunchy and delicious! They taste like they come from Europe.

  11. 11
    Devon says:

    YUM!!! *NOM NOM NOM*

  12. 12
    yhoookii_*52 says:

    OMG ! I haven’t had one in so long !
    I miss them so =(

    they’re, like, not in stock ANYWHERE.anymore :(
    how depressing.

  13. 13
    Anthony says:

    The Crunch Crisp is currently my absolute favorite candy bar. Regular Crunch, I could take or leave, but Crunch Crisp somehow manages to be ten times as tasty as its ancestor.

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