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Sweet Places: Walt Disney World Part 2

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Walt Disney World Castle

In the first part of my Walt Disney World candy review I tasted some of the fruity offerings that the parks had to offer. Now, what about the chocolate, you ask? Rest assured, I’m getting to that.

Looking back on my tasting decisions, I couldn’t help but wonder how much the packaging of these Disney confections influenced their sales. Would the child eyeing these treats in the store buy a candy based on the character packaging or the actual confection? My decicions were based on the latter but I couldn’t help but wonder how many little girls insisted they wanted the Princess chocolate bar despite the fact that they hated peanuts and then refused to eat it later.

Speaking of Princesses, my next tasting selection was a package of Disney Princess Chocolate Squares.

Disney Princess Chocolate Squares

Ariel (Mint): Smells chocolaty and very faintly of mint. Tastes like a mild Andes mint. No mint fling like I expected, but instead it’s infused into the chocolate. Feels cool on the tongue.

Belle (Toffee Crunch): This is sweet with a strong toffee taste to it. The chocolate has very small bits of toffee in it, like sugar granules. They’re almost unnoticeable unless you’re paying attention.

Snow White (Dark Chocolate and Raspberry): Smells dry and faintly of raspberry. The dark chocolate is smooth and doesn’t really taste of anything other than sweetness. The raspberry flavor isn’t really noticeable at all either. On the whole, rather benign.

Cinderella (Milk Chocolate): Has a powerful smell which is very sweet with strong dairy notes. Very smooth on the tongue and again, very sweet. Despite what the aroma told me, I don’t taste any dairy or milkiness in the chocolate at all. Just sugar.

Aurora (Milk Chocolate Caramel): As I ate my way though these, I found they keep getting sweeter than the last! This one is SO sweet and I really get a burnt sugar flavor with it. I sense a strong coconut flavor in there too. Not really tasting much chocolate in it at all.

Out of all of them, I’d have to say Belle and Aurora are the best of the bunch. Despite the extreme sweetness, their flavors were the strongest and most loyal to their description. I won’t harp on the fact that only one of them is a real princess. Ha.

Disney Hungry Heroes Bar

Hungry Heroes “Chocolate Nutritional Energy Bar”

Now for something geared towards the power seeking kids out there, assuming they want to be ripped like Micky is here and fly around with a cape. I can’t help but feel that this is a bit of a trade off, since this gives off the aura of “healthy” as opposed to the other things I’ve eaten so far.

The bar is chocolate covered and the innards are soft and crumbly-looking like soft cookie dough. Little tiny chunks (or “soy protein nuggets” as they call them) are dispersed throughout the chocolate. The flavor is chocolaty, but upon looking at the ingredients, the “chocolate” is really mockolate, and with trans fats no less! Shame on you Disney! Especially after all that hullabaloo about ridding the parks of trans fats. According to the nutritional information, the bar has 3g fat, 8g protein, 3g fiber, 190 calories and a score of vitamins giving 10-20% of your daily value.

Overall the taste is pleasant; I actually don’t mind the mockolate too much. It doesn’t taste oily to me like most kinds do, which I find interesting. Too bad this has trans fats in it; I would easily overlook the mockolate, since overall the bar is pretty tasty.

Thus ends my candy eating adventures in the Happiest Place On Earth. I was a bit disappointed with the selection and even more with the taste of the products; it seems like a good 50/50 chance of a hit or miss. I hope I have been able to help you navigate towards the good stuff the next time you find yourself in Disney World!

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6 Responses to “Sweet Places: Walt Disney World Part 2”

  1. 1
    rachel says:

    my experiences with disney packaged candy is that it sucks. oh by the way two of them are real princesses. aurora and ariel both have daddys for kings

  2. 2
    Sera says:

    Rachel, now that I look at it, we’re BOTH wrong! Snow White is a real princess too, so that makes it three! D’oh!

  3. 3
    danielle says:

    i really wont to go to disney land have any of you two been. n yeh i think they are all princess if you watch the films you dont need a dad they could have a mum or just marry a prince !!!. ny i think the candy tastes nice !!!

  4. 4
    amber says:

    hello every 1.i thik the candy taste lussshhhhhhhhh and i am going to get some more today. n i would love to look like 1 of them princess

  5. 5
    lola si fin jajaj tra tra says:

    lol ive never been there before

  6. 6
    nicole says:

    wow ok first of all the candy tastes realllyyyy good in Disney world. every gotten the epoct country chocolate? yummy!!! :) and who cares about all the fat and stuff? I DON’T!!!! also theyre all real princesses. they have prince husbands. :) :) :)

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