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Candy Review: Skinny Hunk

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Skinny Hunk Package
One of my most exciting moments at the All Candy Expo was catching sight of the Annabelle Candy booth and seeing Skinny Hunk sitting on the counter. Eureka! I knew if I didn’t find it at the Expo, I was basically doomed to never see it since I live on the east coast where it’s rare to catch any of Annabelle’s regional candies. After having a lovely conversation with the ladies at the booth, I walked away with a few samples and grinning from ear to ear.

To start, don’t let Skinny Hunk fool you. Despite the intention of a healthier portion-controlled snack option (a good example of the trends I saw at the Expo), it’s a large bar for only 100 calories. Upon unwrapping Skinny Hunk, the nougat color is white; very delicate and demure looking. There is no scent, unlike Big Hunk where you get the nutty smell from the peanuts.

Skinny hunk feels more pliable and softer than Big Hunk; it’s also a lot sweeter because there aren’t any peanuts. Still, it’s the same nougat, and still every bit as tasty. Now that the nuts are gone, I can even detect a bit of marshmallow-ness to the flavor of it. Very, very nice. I like how Skinny offers the same workable chew in your mouth, minus the hard crunch peanut bits, which makes it much easier and a bit less difficult to eat. I can see how this could be seen as a tad feminine; you can nibble and quietly chew Skinny without making too much noise and effort.

I love these and I’m so happy I finally found some to try. They make a wonderful snack, sweet without overdoing it and they’re very satisfying and long lasting. This is going to become a staple in my candy drawer, right next to Big Hunk.

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Skinny Hunk”

  1. 1
    WiFA says:

    OMG..i love big hunk..
    this skinny hunk looks not bad at all!
    but i still like the peanut in big hunk! xD

  2. 2
    BC says:

    Big Hunks are no longer available in my area. I weep.

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