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Classic Candy Review: Werther’s Originals

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Werthers Originals

Like most kids, I used to like searching for buried treasure. I’d still do it today, but my friends would refuse to be seen with me if I were to buy a metal detector and go searching for pieces of eight around the suburbs.

Still, the opportunity to strike gold arises every time I open my ridiculously cluttered bag, for somewhere below the sea of papers, pennies, and movie tickets from 8 years ago lie little golden treasures known as Werther’s Originals. Gustav Nebel created these wonderful little treats in the village of Werther over 100 years ago, and they have been a staple of purses, pockets, and candy dishes ever since.

It’s hard to describe the taste of a Werther’s Original. Fresh cream, real butter, and brown sugar are all touted as major ingredients. So is it caramel? Is it butterscotch? Is it toffee? Well… yes. The candy itself has the creamy texture of a fine caramel, with the sweet flavor of butterscotch, and a definite toffee crunch. It’s sort of a… Butterscarameloffee. Or maybe a Caramatoffutter. Whatever it is, it’s good.

What sets the Werther’s Original apart from other hard candies is the quality of the product. This is not some sketchy hard candy that your mom takes one look at and makes you throw out on Halloween, nor is it the random piece of cellophane-wrapped sugar that your Great Aunt Edna has had sitting in her candy dish for the last 47 years. No! This is a Werther’s Original. Smooth, creamy, and wrapped in gold, the Werther’s Original actually makes you believe what the Storck Website claims: this candy was made “Because you are someone very special!”

With only sixty calories in three pieces, Werther’s Originals are a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Biting into a Werther’s Original (if you are so inclined) brings to mind another delicious butter toffee confection–the Hershey’s Skor bar. The taste is strikingly similar, with only the lack of chocolate coating separating the Werther’s Original from its candy bar cousin.

A bonus: you probably don’t need a metal detector to track down these pieces of gold. That is, unless your bag is messier than mine, in which case, good luck t’ye, Matey.

Buy Werther’s Originals Online:

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2 Responses to “Classic Candy Review: Werther’s Originals”

  1. 1
    Jen says:

    Mmmm… it’s been awhile since I had one of these. I might have to send hubby to the store for a bag ;)

  2. 2
    Reb says:

    I just finished one and I’m going to get some more. It’s actually my first time to eat Werther’s Originals after so many years of keeping away from hard candies. I rediscovered my passion for it but I still prefer chocolates if they’re available.

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