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Gummi Bear Soap

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Naiad's Gummi Bear Soap

Being a typical guy, I probably give about half a second’s thought per month to hand soap. I’ve been using a seemingly endless bottle of Dial for probably the better part of a decade. Every time I go under the sink to refill the dispenser, there never seems to be any less than before.

I stumbled on these Gummi Bear soaps the other day and it actually made me want to wash my hands with one of these bears. Naiad, a user on Etsy (a site for selling handmade crafts) has mini Gummi Bear soaps for sale in her store.

The soaps, which are the same size as actual Gummi Bears, are even scented to correspond with the flavors they would normally be (i.e. whitish is pineapple, etc.). You get 25 tiny Gummi Bear soaps, in a bulk candy package, for only $5. You can’t go wrong at that price, though I’d be tempted to eat them, instead of washing my hands with them. Better keep them away from kids! Washing your hands before dinner is going to seem like dessert.

Naiad also has some chocolate-themed soaps like chocolate/coffee soap and chocolate/mint soap for sale too.

I just emailed her and she said she has lots in stock so if you want some and it says sold out, just contact her and ask about it.

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3 Responses to “Gummi Bear Soap”

  1. 1
    Adrianna Malafronte says:

    I must comment on Naiad’s Soaps on etsy! the seller is amazing! I beleive she truly enjoys what she does and it shows beautifully in the soaps she produces! They work wonderfully, especially the chocolate coffee scrubby bar! i have not yet gotten the gummy soaps but i have heard plenty of great reviews on them! My personal favorites are the chocolate coffee scrubby bar and the Yummy layered soap slice (Chocolate Strawberry and vanilla)!

    She packages everything soo wonderfully for shipping. My orders have always arrived safe & sound! She has my patronage forever!

    I highly reccommend this seller and what she has to offer! check her out! i must commend this blog for discussing naiad’s soaps!

  2. 2
    sm says:

    Whoa! thats soap. they look so realistic.

  3. 3
    Ashley says:

    SWEET!!! That Is Awesome!!!!

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