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Candy Review: Mousse Pocky White and Berry

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Pocky Glico Mousse White

One thing that makes the long winter months a little more bearable is knowing that Pocky will release new flavors in its “Mousse” line. This year is no different, as they offer the standard chocolate, white, and green tea flavors with the newcomers being “bitter” chocolate and berry. Inside each box you’ll find 3 packets of 4 sticks each. The mousse coating is thick and “whipped” (according to the box) yet I find it’s not very mousse-like in texture at all. I think part of the reason is they’re trying to go for a larger coating-to-biscuit ratio with this series, smaller than Decorer, yet larger than the “regular” Pocky. The biscuit stick breaks easily, so you have to be careful eating it unless you don’t mind using two hands.

White: The texture is very smooth and a bit greasy. I’m not getting a white chocolate flavor at all, but more of sweetness with a dairy-like tang to it. The sweetness makes it tasty nevertheless. The box claims it’s made with German cream cheese and French milk, so that would explain the dairy taste. The biscuit is crunchy and has a subtle cracker-like flavor. Compared to the coating, it comes across a maybe a teeny bit salty. It provides a good contrast to the taste and texture of the “mousse” coating. Overall, this flavor is only so-so.

Berry: The color is a lovely medium pink/lavender color and has a light, very berry flavor. It’s a mix of raspberry and blueberry mostly. It reminds me of a light, refreshing sherbet. The coating is creamy and again, a little greasy in texture. The berry flavor really brings out a vanilla flavor in the biscuit stick. I really love this flavor, so fresh and sweet! Definitely pick this one up.

I find myself unable to refrain from immediately chewing the biscuit in the “Mousse” flavors, which results in bits getting stuck in your teeth. My favorite was to eat this kind of Pocky is to lick the coating away and then munch the stick. MMmmm, yummy!

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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Mousse Pocky White and Berry”

  1. 1
    Chicken Recipes says:

    I heard many great reviews of the Mousse Line.

  2. 2
    Steven says:

    Where did you find these? Do you live in the US? I’d really like to try some of these flavors of pocky.

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