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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

Cotton candy and Pop Rocks. The combination seems kind of weird at first. On the one hand, you’ve got your cotton candy. It’s sugary and wispy and fluffy, and it melts the moment it hits your tongue. When a handful of Pop Rocks hits your tongue, you definitely know it by the way it crackles and fizzes. Come to think of it, cotton candy and Pop Rocks aren’t too different from each other. Experiencing both has a lot to do with texture and sensation as well as flavor. So I guess the combo isn’t so weird after all.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion is a limited edition flavor (aren’t the new ones all available for a limited time only these days?) set to hit the shelves this month. Unfortunately, they’re so new that I haven’t had any luck finding them online, so they may or may not be at stores yet. I think I’ll pick up a packet or two if I find them!

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