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Candy Review: Limited Edition Junior Mints Inside Outs

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Inside Outs

I eagerly anticipated Inside Outs since I discovered them when I reviewed Junior Caramels, so when I finally found them at Target, two 4.75oz boxes made it to the checkout line. I’ve been a fan of Junior Mints for years, and had high hopes for Inside Outs.

The Inside Outs were smooth and flavorful. Most were the same size and shape as regular Junior Mints, but a few were misshapen, some like globes and some like irregular blobs. They’re minty, but not quite as clean-tasting as Junior Mints. The box refers to the outside of the candy as “white topping” and “white coating.” The taste is somewhere between yogurt and white chocolate. The inside “dark chocolatey mint center” was soft without being gooey.

I started feeling a little sick of the Inside Outs after half a box, but I can empty a box of Junior Mints and still want more. Something about that white coating is off—it’s tasty, but also after-tasty. I’d like to try the dark center coated in the original Junior Mints housing instead of the white stuff. The bottom line is that they are a refreshing twist on a delicious original, but I’d definitely pick Junior Mints over Inside Outs if I had to choose.

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  1. 1 says:

    I’m on the outside, looking in…

    The Tootsie Roll folks are issuing a “Limited Edition” “Inside-Outs” version of Junior Mints, perhaps inspired by the popular “Uh-Oh” variations on Nabisco’s Oreo cookie. This mint has a chocolate center wrapped in some white stuff, which, says …

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